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How to trigger a specific bot flow

To trigger a specific flow when there are multiple flows in the bot, you can use the flow slug. A slug is a combination of the flow name and auto-generated characters in the following format: /{flow_name}_{auto_generated_characters}

To trigger a specific bot flow, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Studio > Build > Flows.

  2. Navigate to your preferred flow from the Flows drop-down.

  3. Copy the flow path from the URL after flow/.

  4. Click Preview and then open the bot preview page in a new tab using the icon highlighted below.

  5. Clear the browser cache before you preview the bot. It is recommended to use Incognito mode or Private window to preview flows

  6. In the address bar, append the following:

    To append after the base URL:



    To append it after a variable: