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Multilingual bot

You can create multilingual bots in platfrom through which your bot can understand and respond to users in multiple languages. This can be useful in situations where a large number of users speak different languages and need assistance in their preferred language. Please follow the below-mentioned steps to set up one such bot.

  1. Go to your flow and click Language on the left tile.

  1. Click Add language to add the languages your bot should support.

  1. Go to Train and click Tools.

  1. Set Auto detect language to Yes under CONNVERSATION and click Save. This will let your bot automatically detect the end-user's language and enable conversation in the same language.

  1. Add a Quick Replies node to your flow and populate the Button values with language options.

  1. Click Configure buttons on the same pop-up and populate the button values with respective language's ISO codes. Click Save all changes when you're done.

  1. Store all response to this quick replies node in a variable.

  1. Add a set language node to the node that takes ISO input(quick replies in this case). Select the variable in which the previous reply is stored. This language will be permanently set (currently set 2 days of expiry), unless it is being changed by same action node only.

The conversation with the bot after this point will be in the selected language.

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