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Outbound campaign report

You can download comprehensive reports for all campaigns you send out from’s Engage module. You can use these reports to analyze campaign performance and see the in detailed report of errors (if any).

You can view report directly on the UI or email the detailed report to your registered email address

1. View report

To view outbound campaigns' report, follow these steps -

  1. Log on to platform and navigate to the Engage module.

  2. On the Outbound tab, click on the campaign for which you want to see the report.

You can see the campaign schedule details such as current status; timestamp of when it was scheduled, execution started, execution ended; and who created the campaign.

You can also see occurrences of a recurring campaign with the status and performance details. There is only one occurance for a one-time campaign.

ScheduledTotal number of messages scheduled for the campaign.
FailedNumber of messages that were failed for some reason.

You can also see the detailed break-up of the messages sent, delivered, and read.

1.1 Delivery status for different channels

The following table lists the campaign delivery status for different messaging channels.

WhatsAppScheduled, Processing, Sent, Delivered, Read, and Failed.
SMSScheduled, Sent, Delivered, and Failed.
EmailScheduled, Processing, Sent, Dropped, Delivery delayed, Bounced, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Spam reports, and Failed.
Mobile pushScheduled, Sent, Delivered, Read, and Failed.

1.2 Message delivery status descriptions

The following table provides descriptions of each delivery status.

Delivery statusDescription
TriggeredMessage has been sent to the downstream service.
ScheduledMessage has been queued to be sent (single tick on Whatsapp)
SentMessage has been sent. For example, single tick on WhatsApp.
DeliveredMessage has been delivered. For example, double tick on WhatsApp.
ReadMessage has been read. On Whatsapp this is trackable only when end-user has blue ticks - read receipt turned on.
TriggeredSent to the communication gateway, the message will be sent from there.
DroppedReport from the email server when bounce, unsubscribe, or spam occurs.
BouncedAn error while sending the email for several reasons such as the email address doesn't exist, the recipient's inbox being full, poor sender reputation, server outages, and so on.
UnsubscribedUser has opted out of receiving emails from the brand.
Delivery delayedMessage sending got delayed for reasons such as servers are overloaded, and the recipient's mail server is temporarily offline.
Spam reportsEmail is reported as spam.
FailedUnable to send the message.

2. Email report

As a bot admin, you can also send a campaign report to your registered email.

To email a campaign report, follow these steps -

  1. In the Outbound tab, navigate to the desired campaign.

  2. Click the more options icon > Request report.

The report will be sent to your registered email address as an attachment. Here is a sample screenshot of the report.

The following table provides descriptions of each column of the report.

Campaign IDThe unique ID for the campaign generated at
Campaign NameThe name provided for the campaign when creating.
ChannelThe targeted channel for the campaign such as Email, Whatsapp, SMS and so on.
BotIdBot ID associated with the campaign.
UserIdUser contact details based on the channel. For example, WhatsApp phone number for Whatsapp, email ID for email campaign.
User DetailsAll the details of the bot user in the current campaign.
Template IDName of the template used to trigger messages for that particular campaign.
Sender IDThe phone number/email ID from which the messages were sent. Know how to configure sender IDs in Channels Email, SMS, WhatsApp.
StatusMessage delivery status. Supported statuses for email: Scheduled, Processing, Sent, Dropped, Delivery delayed, Bounced, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Spam reports, Failed.
To know about each status, see Delivery status descriptions.
Quick Reply ResponseApplicable for interactive templates.
Example : For Whatsapp templates with button, the quick reply response from the button will be captured against each user
CommentsDelivery state of the particular message.
For FAILED messages, the error description will be shown.
Scheduled TimeThe start time of the campaign.
Sent timehe time when the message is sent to the user.
Delivered timeThe time when the message is delivered to the user (Applicable only for Whatsapp channel).
Read timeThe time when the recipient read the message (Applicable only for Whatsapp channel).
ErrorError code in case of FAILED messages
UserDetailsUser details fetched from the user profile used in the notification message.
Examples:, UserDetails.firstName.