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Small talk

Small talk feature allows the bot to engage in casual conversations with users. It lets the bot to provide responses to questions or topics that it may not have been explicitly trained on. This capability makes the bot sound more human-like, fostering natural and conversational interactions with end users.


User: What is your name?
Bot: You can call me Bella.
User: How are you? Bot: I am great! Thanks for asking...


The Default section in the Small Talk feature of the chatbot includes pre-existing questions and responses like "How are you?", "What is your name?", and "Tell me a joke." These serve as default settings that you can modify if you'd like to provide custom responses. To make edits, click the pen icon.

These questions cannot be deleted.


The custom section lets you add your preferred questions and responses.

  1. Go to Custom > + Add question.

  1. In Question, enter the question.

  2. In Utterances, enter the different ways the question can be asked.

  3. In Response, enter the bot response.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Train intents on top to train the custom question.



Edit / Delete custom questions

Custom questions can be edited/deleted.