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Knowledgebase for cloud

What is knowledgebase?

Multilingual Knowledge base is a self serve medium to automate incoming support queries. With this, the live agents can focus on more important queries other frequent doubts from the end customer can be resolved through knowledgebase.

Knowledgebase Features

  • In addition to our chatbots, customers can create & publish knowledge bases [External Knowledgebase] for their products & services. It is another medium to enhance the customer support experience by providing in-depth article explanations and offer better discoverability since knowledgebase articles are indexed in search engines.
  • Customers can also create and maintain knowledge bases for agents [Internal Knowledgebase] to train and onboard them faster and help them in need. It helps agents reduce the time taken to search for information spread across multiple systems and share it in the tickets they're handling.
  • The search functionalities in knowledgebase are powered by Document cognition.