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Data explorer with default tables

What is Data explorer?

The Data Explorer facilitates the extraction of valuable business insights and empowers data-driven decision making by leveraging the available bot data. This tool serves as a business intelligence platform that enables the creation of custom analytics. By utilizing the Data Explorer, you can conveniently condense data pertaining to specific fields and analyse empirical relationships between fields.

Functions of data explorer

Data explorer has several features:

  • Immediate Learning: Users can start learning from their data immediately.
  • Widget Creation: Analysts can generate reports and create visually appealing widgets, such as Line charts, Pie charts, and Bar Graphs, without any coding.
  • Standard Datasets: The tool provides a standard set of Datasets (tables) that can be utilized to construct Widgets.
  • Custom Datasets: Analysts have the ability to create custom datasets by utilizing the tables that have been developed by bot builders.
  • Druid Datastore: Data Explorer currently uses the Druid Datastore and the bot database to conduct its analytics.
  • Dashboard: Users can visualise the Datasets and reports generated using Data Explorer through the use of Dashboards. Multiple dashboards can be created to group widgets based on different use cases.

Types of tables available on data explorer

Data explorer is categorized into 2 sections:

  • Default datasets: These are the tables that are built in on Insights automatically obtained automatically by the bot, they are related to Users Events, Messages, API Events, Agent Events, etc.
  • Custom datasets: These are the custom tables created by the bot builder. A table can be customized based on your preferences. They are fetched using database nodes/stored database on the Studio page

The labels Reports and Queries, Datasets, and Tables are used synonymously. Reports/queries are created for the data present in the Datasets/tables. These reports (default and custom) are used for complex data analysis/summarization/visualisation.

Data explorer overview

To create or view any of the default/custom datasets, log in to the yellow platform and open Insights > Data explorer.

In the Data explorer section, you will find:

  1. Data tables available by default
    1. Option to push data from user360 to default tables
  2. Custom tables created for specific use-cases
  3. Visualization and other functions on tables
    1. Filters
    2. Summarization tables
    3. Visualization of data
    4. Download the generated data as report
  4. Actions on saved reports
    1. Schedule to send reports via. email
    2. Add reports to the dashboard
    3. Selete a saved report

Actions in Data explorer must be configured separately for Live and Production environment.