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Nice Incontact's integration with Nice Incontact allows you to seamlessly connect your Nice Incontact account with the platform. Any customer who has a Nice Incontact account can connect their service with This connector will connect end users to live agents.

1. Use-case

In this integration, you can use the Raise ticket node to create a conversation with Nice Incontact and once the conversation gets initiated, the user can talk to the Nice Incontact agent. After the conversation ends, bot takes over the conversation with the user.


2. Configure

  1. Inside your project, navigate to Configuration and click Integrations.
  1. Search for Nice Incontact.
  2. Provide the Host URL, Client Id, Client Secret, Point of Contact, Brand, Agent inactivity timeout details and click connect.

Only text is being supported from both the user and agent side.


Nice Incontact