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Get started with the platform

When you sign in to the platform, you'll be welcomed by the Overview page, which serves as the gateway to various platform offerings and self-help resources. Whether you're a coding expert or a newcomer, caters to all users with its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Let's dive into the essential elements and functionalities of the platform.

Watch the product quick tour video on Youtube to learn about what you can achieve with and how the bot works. You can also find this video link directly on the platform.


Module switcher

The platform is divided into various modules, each designed to handle different aspects of businesses. From bot building and conversation monitoring to integrating with third-party systems and engaging customers, there's a module for every need. Easily switch between these modules using the Module switcher.


On the overview page, you can click on the bot name and search for other bots using the subscription ID, subscription name, bot name, or bot ID.

  • Otherwise, you will see the top 3 recently selected bots.
  • In the results, you can observe the number of bots you have access to (example: 31).
  • The number of pending bot invites is also displayed along with the results.


Looking for specific concepts on the platform? Use the search feature to find relevant information directly from the documentation.

Self help resources

Within the platform, you'll find a Help section. Here, you can access documentation, join the community page, or chat with MIA for instant support.

Learn more about the available self help options ➡️

Enviornment switcher

The platform provides different environments, allowing you to freely experiment with various options before pushing the final version to the live bot. Environments include Sandbox, Staging, Production, Live, and Development.


Learn more about the significance of different environments ➡️


Before creating a bot, it's essential to have a clear idea of your design and the use cases you want your bot to solve. The Marketplace offers readily available templates with pre-built flows based on real-time use cases. You'll also find industry-specific recommendations for easy plug-and-play implementation.

However, if your use case is not available in the Marketplace, you can use Studio to build your bot from scratch.


Access the guide on Marketplace features and its ready-made templates ➡️

Access control

Collaboration is easy with Share bot access with team members or cross-functional colleagues, defining their roles and permissions. All invited members can contribute to building a better bot based on the business use case.


Learn about the rules and permissions when adding or accepting a collaborator ➡️

Modify bot configuration

While providing basic bot details during sign-up, you have the flexibility to modify this information whenever needed using Configure. Any changes made here won't affect the functionality of your bot.


Learn more about what can be configured and modified ➡️


Check the Notifications icon to view updates related to your specific module or notifications for bot invites.

User account

Access your profile settings or account settings by clicking on your account name in the top left corner.

Learn more about the profile setting functionality ➡️

Bot switcher

Click on the bot name to see all the available bots for your subscription or those you have access to. Easily switch between different bots and use the search feature to find a specific bot.

When working inside any module, you'll find the bot switcher feature available at the bottom right.

Add channels

Enhance your customer reachability by integrating your bot seamlessly with various channels to meet your business requirements. Add channels for your bot from the Overview page.


Learn more about the available channels and how to configure them➡️

Find multiple links throughout the platform that explain each functionality. Click on the respective links based on your use case to learn more. These options are also available within each module.

Multilingual support

Make your bot conversations more user-friendly by configuring them in the native language of your bot users, especially when running the bot in different regions or countries. Enable Multilingual support for a wider audience reach.


Learn more about configuring your bot for multiple languages ➡️