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Get started with the platform

You will see the platform Overview page when you sign in to platform. You can find all the useful links required to access platform offerings and get self-help.

The following is a sample screenshot of Overview page:

1. Get started with product walkthrough

Watch the product quick tour video on Youtube to understand what you can do with and how the bot works.


2. Access different product modules

The platform has different modules that helps solve different things for businesses, from bot building to monitoring conversations, integrating with third-party systems, engaging customers, analysing bot performance, and so on.

Switch among different modules of the platform using the Module switcher.


3. Set up your bot

Before creating a bot, you must have a clear idea of what you are desiging. Get all your initial questions ready for all the use cases that you want to solve using the bot.

We have made your life easy by creating bots. There are readily available templates in our Marketplace that have a lot of flows based on real-time use cases. You will also see recommendations specific to your industry that you can just plug-and-play and start running your bot.

However, there could be some use cases that are not available in our Marketplace. You can use Studio to completely build your bot from scratch.

You can also use the readily available templates if they are suitable for your use case.


The platform also includes different environments, giving you complete freedom to experiment with the various options and then push the final version to the live bot with Environment. These are the different environments supported:


4. Modify bot details

You will provide basic details about the bot when signing up. However, you have the flexibility to modify the bot information whenever required using Configure.

However, this does not impact the functionality of the bot that you have created.


5. Add collaborators

You can involve other members of the team or cross team members to build the bot. With, you can share bot access with other members, and define their roles. All the invited members can contribute to building a better bot based on the business use case.


Only superadmin can share bots and revoke access.


6. Connect bot to different channels

You have the flexibility to reach out to your customers on different channels for better reachability. Integrate your bot seamlessly with various channels according to your business requirements. You can also add the channels for your bot from the Overview page.


7. Add multilingual support

Make your bot conversations more comfortable for your users, especially when you want to run the bot in different regions or countries. Reach out to a wider audience with Multi-language support. Define conversations in the bot user's native language.


Self-help resources are readily available on the platform to provide you with immediate assistance in resolving your issues that are related to the product. Be it product understanding, reaching out to our product experts, or connecting with our support agents.


The following are the different resources available:

  • Take guided tour - Before you begin using our platform, take a quick product tour to understand different user interface elements.
  • Read the docs - This is a great place for you to get instant help through our docs anytime. Browse through our documentation to learn about a particular module, feature, or concept.
  • Ask the community - If you have any other questions related to a product, get help from our product experts through Community.
  • Chat with support- Use our in-house AI powered bot (Mia) to post your questions. It helps with instant answers for more of your questions. You can also book a session with our product experts, or connect with agents during business hours.
  • Submit feedback - Share your feedback on our product or offerings through our support bot, Mia. This makes us better understand your needs and helps in building a better product.