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Bot access management

While creating an end-to-end bot flow, you need to consider some instances where certain flows need to be handled by other teams or need help from other members of the team. Adding more collaborators to the platform enables everyone to create flows for different business use cases. All collaborators can work together and contribute to building an effective bot quickly and easily.

  • Only the super admin can share bot access with other users and get notifications for the invited users to accept or reject bot access.
  • Collaborators will have the access that you have provided. If you want to block the access you provided, you need to remove it separately.

1. Share bot access

To share bot access with other users, follow the below steps:

  1. Log on to platform and click the Access Control icon .

  1. Click +Invite user.

a. Enter the official Email address of the user.

b. Select your preferred role(s) in Access control. You can select more than one role for a user.

Super AdminThe owner of the bot has access to everything.
Can provide Approver access to someone else.
Can mask certain Database columns on UI.
View data in the bot tables and can mask columns of a table to restrict others from viewing column data.
AdminHas entire access to all the modules.
DeveloperHas entire access to all the modules.
Database ViewerCan only view the database.
ApproverCan publish bot from staging to production. An Approver should also have Developer access.
Inbox (Admin)Can provide support for chat queries or tickets of the bot, and can view the analytics of his/her performance (First response time, number of tickets closed).
Inbox (Agent)Agent can only respond to chats received from the user.
Insights (Hop)Can view all the analytics about the bot.
Engagement (Admin)Can send campaigns and configure audience.
Engagement (User)Can only schedule campaigns.

c. Click Save.

The user receives an email to accept the invite.

2. Accept bot invite

To accept the bot invite, follow the below steps:

  1. Log on to platform and click Notifications icon at the top right corner.
  1. If you have received a bot invite to your email address, then you should be able to view a notification. Click on the bell icon > Green tick.

  1. Click on the drop-down to view the list of bots you have access to.