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Manage your bot users

When creating an end-to-end bot flow, there may be instances where certain flows need to be handled by other teams or require assistance from other team members. To enable effective collaboration and allow your team to contribute to building an efficient bot, you can share bot access with other users. A notification is sent to the super admin when the invited users(collaborators) accept or reject your request.


Only the super admin can provide bot access to other users. Access can be revoked at any moment on the Access control tab.

User roles and access

The following table outlines various roles along with the associated access privileges for the bot:

RoleDescriptionModify access
Super AdminThis user has full control over all bot features. The role cannot be deleted or swapped on the UI (this action is only possible through Admin portal).
  1. Can provide Approver and other accesses to others.
  2. Can provide Approver access to an user without providing Developer access.
  3. Mask table columns to restrict other users from viewing specific information such as PII.
  4. Can delete accesses given to other users.
AdminThis user has access to all modules and their components.
  1. Can add/delete Approver + Developer and other roles.
  2. Cannot add Approver role when the Developer access is not provided.
  3. Cannot delete Approver role when Developer role exists.
DeveloperThis user has complete access to bot components but cannot edit bot configurations or invite other users to use the bot.Developer access must be provided to add Approver.
Database ViewerThis user is limited to editing and viewing tables and their data in selected databases.
ApproverThis user has complete access to bot components (as a Developer) and also has the ability to publish the bot from staging/development to production/live.Developer + Approver
Inbox (Admin)This user can respond to assigned customer chats or emails and can view Monitor, Analytics (self-reports), and KB.
  1. Has access to all the Inbox features.
  2. Can add/delete any Inbox settings.
  3. Must have Developer/Admin access to use Studio and create flows.
Inbox (Agent)This user can respond to their assigned customer chats or emails and has viewing access to Monitor, Analytics (self-reports), and the KB.
Insights (Analytics)This user can only access standard analytics (default table), bot health monitoring, user journey tracking, and goal monitoring for informed decision-making.
Insights (Admin)This user has holistic access to all bot-related data and analytics, enabling in-depth analysis.
Engagement (Admin)This user can manage campaign deployment and audience configuration for effective engagement strategies.
Engagement (User)This user can only schedule and view campaigns.

Share bot access

To share bot access with other users, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to platform and click the Access Control icon .


  2. Click +Invite user.

    • Enter the official Email address of the user.
    • Select your preferred role(s) in Access control. You can select more than one role for a user. Collaborators will only have the access level(role) as provided by the super admin.
  1. Click Save. The invited user will receive an email with the bot access invitation.

In a 3-environment setup, you must share invites for all three environments(Sandbox, Staging and Production) separately.

Accept bot invites

To accept or reject a bot access invitation, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to platform and click Notifications icon at the top right corner.
  2. If you have received a bot invite to your email address, you will see a notification. Click on the bell icon > Green tick.


  1. Click on the drop-down next to your bot name to view the list of bots you have access to.

View bot invites


Your own bots will not be visible in this section.

In the Profile settings > My invites section, you can easily access and manage(Accept/Delete) pending bot invites sent by other team members. image

  • You can explore and access different bots that belong to the organization by searching for specific bots using their bot ID, name, or sub ID.
  • If you need access to a bot created by other members of the organization, you can search for that bot and click Request access. The Super admin will review the request and provide access to the bot if approved.
  • As a Super admin/Admin, you will see a list of pending bot invites. You can choose to either Accept the invitation to gain access to the bot or Decline it if you wish to decline the invitation.
  • You will receive notifications regarding bot invites, making it convenient for you to respond promptly.


Manage bot access

With Super Admin/Admin privileges, you can monitor user interactions with your bot, including access requests, current access status, and access request history. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Access control icon.

  2. Navigate to the Users tab to view a list of users with access to the bot. You can manage individual user permissions by utilizing the menu options beside each user's name:

    • Click Edit for role adjustments
    • Click Delete to remove bot access.


  3. In the Invites tab, you can observe any pending access requests. This section provides information about the invitee, the person who extended the invitation, and the assigned role.

    • To prompt the invitee to respond, you can opt to Resend Email.
    • If you wish to withdraw the invitation, choose Revoke.


  4. The User Requests tab displays details pertaining to users who have formally requested access to the bot.

You can also find this information in the Bot invites section for your convenience.

Bot publish approvals

This option is available only for these roles: Super admins, Admins and Approver.

When a resquest is sent by the bot developer to publish a flow or a bot, the Approver can see the requests under Bot publish approvals.