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Introduction to voice bot builder


To explore the voice features, you must create a voice bot. Functionalities such as Design(for voice), Voice input node, etc. will not work for chat bots.

1. Create a new voice bot

If you are a new user, refer to this article.

  1. Log in to your account and click +Create new bot.

  2. Select Create from scratch.

  3. Enter these details:

    • Subscription: Select the subscription under which you want to create this bot.
    • Bot type: Choose Voice bot.
    • Avatar: Choose/upload an avatar (your bots display photo).
    • Industry: Select from the dropdown.
    • Region: Select from the dropdown.
    • Select Add live chat support to your bot if you want to add a customer support flow.
  4. Click Create bot.

2. Methods to build a voice bot conversation

To convert your idea of a voice conversation (use-case) into a bot flow, there are three approaches:

  1. Build a bot from scratch using Voice input node.
  2. Import a Marketplace template to your bot and modify it to accommodate voice conversations.

These methods are explained in further articles.

3. Nodes supported for voice bots

Only the following nodes can be used to build voice bot flows:

PromptsVoice input , Call forwarding, Call disconnect
Speak, Name, Phone Number, Question
ActionSet variables, Function, Database, API, Execute Flow

4. Configure voice nodes/flows through settings

You can configure voice-related features like - Conversation language, Bot speed, User response capture duration, etc. for all the nodes used to build a flow for voice bots.

There are two methods to configure these voice options:

  1. Global options: These settings will be applicable by default for all nodes/flows. For example Conversation language and Speed of the conversation will ideally be constant throughout the conversation.

Learn more on configuring global options here

  1. Node options - Output of a few nodes demand to behave in a certain way, for this, the node level settings can be configured. This overrides global options for the nodes wherever it is defined. These settings can be different for each node. For example: Capture response time can be different while capturing the user's address (using the question node) vs. the user's phone number (using the phone node).

Learn more on configuring node options here