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January 2023 updates


New featuresDescription
Orchestrator for Cloud Bots
You can now create a family of bots, where one parent bot connects to multiple child bots with the following functionalities:
  1. Unify Inbox: Any ticket created in a child bot shall be redirected to the Inbox of the parent bot. This allows you to handle all the tickets in one place.
  2. Additional Channel Support: Connect the parent bot to Viber, Viber Business, FB Messenger, Yellow Messenger, Whatsapp, Google Assistant, Line, and MS Teams.
Note: Only supported for cloud bots.
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Conversation Designer to
design conversations before development
A simple easy-to-use tool for anyone to design conversations, preview them, and hand them off for development.
Once your design is done and the preview is approved, open the builder and your designs will automatically get converted into builder nodes, ready for integration.
You can also use variables, conditions, and set fallbacks for common validators (Name, Email, and Phone).
Note: Designer is enabled for all bots created on and after Dec 19, 2023.
Contact Anirudh Shenoy for support.
NLU Automated Testing on the cloudBot QA process time is now reduced by up to 30-40% for medium to large complexity bots with the launch of Automated NLU Testing for Intents and FAQs.
With this, you can Generate Utterances for testing and Bulk Test the utterances whether they are getting mapped to the right intent/FAQs.
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New featuresSummary
Notifications tab to receive all the Inbox updatesYou can see actionable notifications for new updates on the tickets assigned to agents in one place. Admins can enable and configure specific events to notify each role i.e Agents, Supervisors, and Admins.
Note: Can be configured for other modules.
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Pagination logic updated for knowledge base
Search results in External knowledge base are now paginated for better user experience and navigation.


New featuresSummary
Engage overview dashboard for all the bots on cloud platformEngage Overview Dashboard gives customers and Engage Users to view their User 360, Outbound Campaign, and Notifications API usage for upto past 30 days and shows trends of the different available metrics in their respective graphs.
Note: This data will not be used for billing purposes.
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Mobile push notifications for engaging with users in a conversational and interactive wayEngage push notifications are designed to route users directly to the in-app bot.
This allows for a seamless transition from receiving a notification to having a conversation with the brand, making the campaign more personalized and effective.
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New featuresSummary
New Marketplace templates
  1. Freshdesk ITSM Automation: This template covers some of the common use cases of ITSM automation with Freshdesk integration like creating tickets, updating tickets, adding watchers, viewing lists of tickets, and viewing agent tickets.
  2. Magento (E-commerce use cases): This template covers some of the common use cases in E-commerce, like browsing products, cart management, checkout, customer logic, etc. This is also integrated with Magento.
Marketplace templates
  1. FAQs export and import: Support for importing the FAQs from templates to the bot has been provided.
  2. Auto-training entities: When a user imports a template, the entities and intents associated would also be auto-trained.
  3. Marketplace notification pop-up: You will now be able to view new templates added to our marketplace through a notification pop-up. You can directly click on the template link on the pop-up to view details.


New featuresSummary
Billdesk Payment gatewayNew integration, Billdesk Payment gateway is added to allow you to receive payments from your customers using BillDesk EmailPay.
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Apps (Widget + Mobile)

STT and TTS language availability (Paid feature)
  1. Speech-to-text is now available for English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Slovak.
  2. Text-to-speech is now available for English, Hindi, Tamil, and Slovak.
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Contact support team for support.
Updated Accessibility Compliance - Level A
  1. Non-text Content: User interface must have a text alternative that describes its purpose.
  2. Use of Color: Color must not be used as the only visual means for conveying meaning.
  3. Keyboard: All controls and functions that can be used with a mouse must be reachable and operable with the keyboard.
  4. Focus order: Components must receive focus in an order that preserves meaning and operability.
Widget Setup/Settings updateWidget Setup/Settings Page is updated to configure the chat functionalities.
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Mobile SDK enhancements1. Count of online users are displayed - iOS.
2. Collaborator Search is available in Inbox App - iOS.