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Dec 2023


Instant bot creation with KB during onboarding

Seamlessly create your bot upon onboarding by providing your website link, fine-tune messages, and experience live chats – all conveniently accessible on a single page.


Introduced Airpay integration

Elevate your bot experience with seamless transactions, allowing users to engage and make Airpay transactions effortlessly within the conversation.

Introduced RingCentral integration

Connect your bot users with live agents on RingCentral using the RingCentral integration.

Chat Widget

Introduced Menu element in the chat widget for quick access

Introducing the Menu Element in the chat widget, a dynamic feature that allows users to personalize their menu with up to 10 options, serving as a versatile replacement for the Home button. You can completely customise the menu options with execute flows, redirect to URLs, or trigger events. You can easily configure the menu to suit their preferences, making it a powerful tool for simplifying navigation and providing a more tailored and interactive chat environment.

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Introducing Seamless WhatsApp opt-out information collection

Unwanted WhatsApp marketing can frustrate users, leading to blocks, impacting brand reputation and campaign effectiveness. Our solution ensures targeted outreach to those genuinely interested in your messages.

How it works:

  1. Add the output element to the footer. The element includes the message Reply with STOP to unsubscribe.
  2. If a user replies with "STOP," it updates the WhatsAppOptIn property in User360 to false for that specific user.
  3. When you schedule an outbound marketing campaign, exclude opted-out users from your marketing list.

This feature is available only for Engage Premium Users on WhatsApp templates.

WhatsApp Carousel Templates offer a dynamic platform for showcasing your brand, products, and services with up to 10 interactive cards. Engage users with captivating media and buttons, guiding them through a compelling story or product journey. Drive specific actions like website visits, purchases, or surveys with customizable buttons, empowering brands to direct user engagement effectively.

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