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December 2022

1. Inbox

1 Add pre-designed templates to your emails

| New feature

You can now create Email templates from the settings and communicate with customers by providing a consistent and professional look & feel for all of their emails. This makes it engaging & easier for the customers to read which improves their overall experience.
Learn more here.

2. Configure the look and feel of your knowledgebase

| Enhancement

One can now configure the look & feel of the knowledge Base by customizing the primary color, choosing a dark or light theme and having custom images as a footer banner.
Learn more here.

3. Track First Response Time for manually created email tickets

| Enhancement

You can now track the first response time metric for tickets created manually through APIs (i,e, web forms, chatbot flows). This data will be available in the Analytics & Reports tabs to download and would also apply for enforcing SLAs.

2. Marketplace

1. Addition of new marketplace templates

| New feature

  1. Ed-tech use cases: Templates are available for use cases like discover courses, book a demo class, download course material, take a quiz, and chat with support. Learn more here.
  2. E-commerce use cases: Templates are available for use cases like browse products, manage carts, make payments, get order details, and chat with support. Learn more here.
  3. SaaS use cases: Templates are available for use cases like explore products and offerings, view customer case studies, book a demo and chat with support.
  4. Banking use cases: Templates are available for use cases like apply for an account, apply for loan, EMI calculator, check loan status and connect with support.

2. Template recommendation while creating flows

| Enhancement

While creating flows, users will have the option to select from ready-to-use templates available in the marketplace. This is now optimized and only templates relevant to the industry are recommended to users. The users also have the option to explore other collections.

3. Importing multiple templates API

| Enhancement

The option to select multiple templates and import them has been developed. This is available as part of the onboarding flow, where the users can select multiple use cases(templates) and import them.

4. Marketplace UI improvements

  1. Templates have been reordered in the following sequence Newly added templates > Kick-starter > Flows > Integrator > Validator
  2. The pagination design has been updated and a load more button is used instead of autoload.
  3. Carousel has been added to the collections section, for a better view of the collections.
  4. Filters have been reduced on the marketplace page for better search results.

3. Integrations

1. OKTA integration

| New feature

Validates the authenticity of the users by generating a login URL. After successful login, the integration provides all the relevant user-related information.

2. EPIC EHR integration

EPIC EHR is a cloud-based EHR that contains all the information related to the patients like demographics, diagnostics, and appointment details. Aside from these, it will also help in getting the slots available for booking and helps schedule appointments.
Learn more here.

3. Tracking metrics for third-party live agent integrations

Agent Session and Agent Message Count per user for third-party live agent integration can now be tracked on the metabase.

4. Engage

1. Quick reply in the template manager module

| Enhancement

Previously, capturing the quick reply event and configuring a bot flow to take the appropriate next action on WhatsApp took a lot of time and effort. To make this task easier, the Template Manager module is now enhanced to assign action (Trigger Journey, Trigger NLP, Send an event) to each of the Quick Reply buttons.

Learn more here.

5. Apps (Widget + Mobile)

UpdatesUI changes
Speech-to-text & Text-to-speech
Conversational Landing pages (Beta)*
Revamped Setup (Settings) Page (Beta)*
iOS: Single Sign-On and Apple sign-indrawing
Android: O-Auth sign-indrawing
Revamped Input bar and In-line quick repliesdrawing
Sensitive info can be hidden
Multi-lingual placeholder & metadatadrawing
New UI for errorsdrawing
Block users from sending messages/uploading attachments during network dropdrawing
Reload option during network drop
New design for Generic card (single and carousel)- Alignment, Icons, and Coloursdrawing