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Enhance reporting with available actions for saved reports

When you click on Save query on the tables page, you can create saved reports that include filters, summarization, and visualisation. These saved reports can be scheduled for automatic alerts, can be used for advanced data analytics, added to a dashboard for easy access, or downloaded/deleted as needed.

You can find your Saved reports at the top of the data explorer section.

1. Schedule a report

Scheduling a recurring report (instead of downloading the CSV files and monitoring dashboards) is important because it provides consistency, efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. It ensures timely and accurate delivery of information while freeing up time and resources.

To schedule a report, follow the below steps:

  1. Saved queries are available as saved reports on the data explorer page, open any of your saved reports. For example: Studio feedback.
  2. On the queries page, click Actions. From the dropdown select Schedule report.
  3. On the side panel, configure the following:
    • Frequency: You can choose hourly, weekly (select the days of the week that the report needs to be sent on), monthly or quarterly (choose timezone and dates).
    • Email: Specify the email IDs of the recipients to which the report needs to be sent. You can add up to a maximum of 10 email IDs (they can also be external to your organization).
    • Subject: Subject is pre-filled with the report name.
    • Message: Type in a message that you want to add to the body of the email.

  1. After configuring the details, you can send a test email to check if the format of the email is as expected, this test email is sent out to the entered email idea.
  2. Click Save. This report will be sent to the respective email IDs as per the schedule.

2. Add a report to dashboard

For faster access and visualisation, you can add this saved report to your dashboard by clicking Add to dashboard from the Actions dropdown.

All the changes made to these saved reports will be reflected on Dashboards. Click here for more details on customising your dashboard.

3. Delete a saved report

To delete the saved query, select Delete query from the Actions dropdown.