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Use cases for Shopify event-driven campaigns

Cart abandonment recovery campaign

In an online store on Shopify, you notice that some customers abandon their shopping carts during the checkout process. To recover those potential sales, set up a Flow campaign to automatically send reminders to users who have abandoned their shopping carts on your Shopify store.

Entry trigger: shopifyCartCreate event

Exception to trigger notification: ShopifyCheckoutCreated event

Flow configuration:

  1. Trigger the flow: Initiate the campaign when a user adds items to their cart, identify it using the shopifyCartCreate event.

  2. Wait condition: Check if the user has completed the purchase by waiting for the ShopifyCheckoutCreated event. Set time delay, say 10 min. If no ShopifyCheckoutCreated event is detected within 10 min, proceed to the next step.

  3. Send abandonment reminder: If the user has not completed the purchase within the specified time, send a WhatsApp notification. Here is a sample message:

    • Sample Notification Message: "Hello [User's Name], we noticed you left some wonderful items in your cart. 🛒 Don't miss out on these great finds! Tap here to complete your purchase: [Checkout Link]. Thank you for choosing our store!"