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July updates

1. Studio

1.1 Restructured Studio navigation as per the usage flow

All options in the Studio navigation are reordered according to the user flow. This makes it more convenient for you to navigate between the options sequentially when configuring a bot.

1.2 Autocomplete suggestions for bot users

With autocomplete suggestions feature, the bot can predict the rest of the word when users types in the bot.
Learn more about prompt level settings here.
Learn more about global level settings here.

1.3 Zero Shot Model to replace manual training of intents

Now our system can automatically identify intents based on the intent naming. It works on Zero-Shot Learning where you do not need to manually train each utterance. Naming intents correctly is the key to intent training.
Learn more here.

1.4 Make localization more effective in Nodes

You can get your text translated correctly and add translated content for each node manually.
Learn more here.

1.5 Real-time Conversation Logs

You can now monitor all the conversations in real time. The auto-tagging of problems identified in the conversation is also made in real-time.
Learn more here.

1.6 Add API to Sync data to the database

The Sync database node is available in Workflow - actions. You can now insert, update or import databases to external sources using APIs. You can update database tables in a scheduled manner using APIs.
Learn more here.

1.7 Quick Reply buttons in WhatsApp

Quick reply nodes can also have buttons. You can switch between buttons and numbered lists according to your preference. It supports up to three buttons and each button can have up to 20 characters. If you try to add more than 3 buttons, it defaults to the numbered list.
Learn more here.

1.8 New languages support in Document Cognition

Document Cognition now supports five more European languages. You can input content in Czech, Romanian, Polish, Croatian, and Slovakia) German, Spanish, and French.
Learn more here.

2. Inbox

2.1 The search functionality of Chat is revamped

Agents can find information like details & messages from all their chat tickets easily.
Learn more here.

2.2 Email IDs can be categorized based on groups

You can now map email IDs to certain groups to categorize & respond back easily.
Learn more here.

2.3 The video calling option is enhanced

Customers can set custom virtual backgrounds for their agents and also redirect end-users to their own websites after the video call -to provide a consistent support experience.
Learn more here.

2.4 Email ticketing now works without any code

No-code email ticketing is added to support the use case in cloud bots.
Learn more here.

2.5 Detailed Agent performance reports can be downloaded for email tickets

A detailed dump of all metrics related to agents resolving tickets, to better understand the efficiency & performance of the team.
Learn more here.

2.6 Analytics are displayed for Email ticketing

Agents & Admins can get a quick insight into the status of incoming tickets, and performance metrics like AHT, FRT, etc., to make decisions to optimize them.
Learn more here.

2.7 Email ticketing transcripts can be copied and downloaded

Transcripts for each email ticket are used for legal, quality assurance or for auditing purposes. They can now be copied and downloaded.


2.8 Data Explorer Integration was added to Inbox

Inbox data is exposed to Data explorer which allows businesses to build, and monitor custom reports & dashboards of choice.