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Manage your bot

When you create a bot, you need to provide certain details that influence its usage, such as the timezone and customer interactions. These details can be modified at any point without affecting the bot's functionality.

Bot configuration

To modify your bot's configured information:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on Configure at the top right corner.
  3. You can perform the following actions:


UTC time format is used throughout the bot.

Add/update bot information

You can customise the bot's details according to your business needs. Follow these steps to modify bot details:

  1. Select the bot you want to modify and click on Overview > Configure.
  2. You can modify the bot's name, industry, timezone, and description.
  3. Click Save to apply the changes.

The Region setting can be used for integrations, voice bots (for phone numbers), and more. Changing the region may impact the bot as it's configured for that specific region.

Pause/resume your bot

  • Only super admin and admin have the ability to pause a bot.

You can temporarily disable a bot's response to make changes to its configuration, features, or strategies based on your business requirements. After disabling the bot response, you can make adjustments and then enable the bot response to publish the bot. Follow the below steps:

  1. Select the respective bot for which you want to disable the response and click on Overview > Configure.
  2. To disable the bot response, enable the toggle button.

Marketplace dependency:

  • If you export a bot template to a private Marketplace, it gets published automatically, and you will not be able to pause the bot in between.
  • If you export a bot template to the public or training section of the Marketplace, the bot template is submitted for review, and you will not be able to pause the bot.

Reset your bot data


Only super admin and admin have the ability to reset the bot.

Resetting a bot allows you to delete all past flows, conversations, and data associated with it. Follow these steps to reset a bot:

  1. Select the bot that you want to reset and click Overview > Configure.

  2. Click on Reset bot to delete all past flows, conversations, and data of the selected bot.


Delete your bot

You cannot delete a bot. However, you have the flexibility to either pause the bot's response or reset it as needed.

View bot audit log

Audit log provids a detailed record of the changes made to each module(APIs, Inbox Agent configuration/actions, Channels), including information about the user (user email) who made the changes and the timestamp of the actions taken.

To view audit log, follow these steps:

  1. Click Bot settings > Audit logs to access the log of all the changes made. image
  2. To filter the results and view specific information, you can use the filter button and apply relevant filters.drawing
  3. If you wish to download all the data from the Audit Log, you can do so by clicking on Download CSV. This will allow you to have a comprehensive record of all the changes made to the bot over time.

Audit logs will be available for 6 months.