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May 2024 releases

Enhancements to's Insights Module

We've revamped the Insights module to significantly enhance reporting capabilities based on valuable customer feedback. As a result, several screens within the module have been sunset, including Overview, Metrics, User Journeys, Voice Overview, and Doc Cog.

Previously, these screens provided informative but opaque reports, limiting users from performing custom drill-downs or modifying filters and visualizations. To address these limitations, we've introduced Dashboards and Data Explorer as the central features of the Insights module.

Key Changes:

  • Migration to Dashboards: All previous reporting functionalities have been migrated to Dashboards within Insights.
  • Default Reports: We've curated "Default Reports" accessible under "Created by", providing transparent access to underlying data and parameters. These reports serve as a starting point for building custom queries or as ready-to-use insights.
  • Cloning Capabilities: Users can now clone Default reports and dashboards to incorporate personalized drill-down operations.
  • New Use-Cases Covered: Default Dashboards now cover Voice, Bot Performance, User Traffic, Inbox Chats, Inbox Agent Performance, Generative AI, and Email Tickets.

Future Developments:

  • We're committed to expanding curated reports for various use-cases as we introduce new features and enhance data analytics capabilities.

Improved Navigation:

  • All user-created reports and dashboards are consolidated in the "Custom" tab alongside our curated "Default" dashboards, streamlining navigation and enhancing usability.

This update makes the Insights module more intuitive, empowering users with enhanced customization and deeper insights into their data.

Gain Instant Business Insights with Our Prebuilt Dashboards

Introducing Default Dashboards on the Dashboard page. These pre-built dashboards are designed to provide you with essential business insights quickly and efficiently. Each dashboard includes a variety of widgets that display critical data related to user traffic, inbox agent performance, voice interactions, bot performance, and inbox chats.

You can duplicate these dashboards to customize them further, but you cannot modify the default ones directly.

Enjoy an insightful data experience with our new Default Dashboards.

Enhance your data flow with Custom Webhook integration

We have implemented Custom Webhooks into the Integration module.

With Custom Webhooks, you can seamlessly connect our bot with both your in-house and third-party systems, regardless of your setup. You’ll receive instant updates on user actions like adding items to their cart or making purchases.

The real benefit for you is receiving real-time event notifications and make use of the data effectively.

Learn more

Personalize your Android SDK Chatbot with Custom Theme

You can now personalize your chatbot interface using a custom theme. With the new theme property in YMConfig, you can easily modify several elements of your bot. These include:

  • Bot Name
  • Bot Description
  • Primary and Secondary Colors
  • Bot Icon
  • Bot Bubble Background Color
  • Click Icon

Start customizing your chatbot today to enjoy these benefits!

Custom Chat Transcript addition to Genesys PureCloud Live

With this enhancement, you now can select your preferred variable for sending chat transcripts in the format that best suits your needs. By indicating your preferred format in the variable, you can customize your chat transcript experience to match your preferences precisely.

For more details, refer to Genesys PureCloud Live Integration Document.