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Unleash the Power of our Gen AI Features's Gen AI is a generative AI technology developed by It excels in natural language generation, providing customizable, multimodal output and adaptive responses. With contextual understanding, scalability, and privacy focus, Gen AI evolves continuously, adapting to dynamic user needs and incorporating AI technologies for enhanced performance.

The following sections provide details of's Gen AI capabilities across each product.

Revolutionize Bot Conversations with YellowG

Create Instant AI-Powered Support Bot

Get instant responses for your bot queries without the hassle. Our AI-powered solution taps into your website's content to provide accurate answers. Simply share your website link, and our bot gets to work. Using advanced AI, it understands and responds to queries with precision, drawing information directly from your website. Whether it's business hours or product details, our bot ensures reliable assistance without delay. Say goodbye to manual responses and welcome effortless bot support powered by AI.

Set up and deploy your AI-powered support bot. Refer to our documentation.

Effortless Generation of Conversational Flows with AI-Copilot

Our revolutionary AI Copilot, powered by Gen AI, revolutionizes conversation flow creation into a seamless experience. No more tedious manual creation of flows or template imports. With AI Copilot, simply express your requirements, and witness our bot effortlessly generate conversation flows in seconds. You can then tweak the flows as needed. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to effortless flow creation with AI Copilot.

Learn how to create flows effortlessly with Gen AI-based Copilot.

Transform Prompts into Actions with Dynamic Chat Node

Transform your instructions with Dynamic Chat Node. This powerful node allows you to effortlessly provide prompts, and watch as the bot seamlessly engages users. The node facilitates smooth communication without the need for manual flow creation.

Dynamic Chat Node offers unparalleled effectiveness in guiding conversations. Experience the power of prompt-driven interactions and effortlessly elevate your user engagement.

Learn more about Dynamic Chat Node.


Please note that this feature is exclusively available for premium customers. To unlock this functionality, you'll need to upgrade your account. For assistance with upgrading and selecting the most suitable plan, please reach out to our team at [email protected].

AI-Powered Prompt Executor for Instant User Responses

The Prompt Executor, driven by the capabilities of Gen AI, swiftly processes user prompts, tapping into the intelligence of our AI model to provide accurate and immediate responses. This streamlined interaction ensures prompt and personalized responses to user inputs.

For instance, imagine a user inquiring about the top ten tourist attractions in a specific location. With our Prompt Executor, the bot quickly accesses real-time data, presenting immediate options tailored to the user's preferences. This intelligent response mechanism elevates the user experience, providing personalized recommendations at the speed of thought.

Refer to the comprehensive Prompt Executor documentation for further details.

Simplify Product Discovery with Product Search Node

The Product Search node effortlessly showcases products from your catalog and navigates conversations based on user preferences, enhancing the search experience.

Enter a fluid journey of product exploration as users interact with your catalog. With personalized guidance tailored to their selections, discovering the ideal product becomes intuitive and effortless.

For further insights, check out our comprehensive documentation on Product search node.

Email Automation for Efficient Customer Interactions

Email Automation is an innovative product that streamlines customer email handling, empowering businesses to effortlessly manage repetitive tasks and deliver timely, impactful email interactions.

Imagine a customer inquiring about their order shipment status. With Email Automation, the system promptly requests their order number and delivers the current status, ensuring swift and efficient customer service.


Please note that this feature is exclusively available for premium customers. To unlock this functionality, you'll need to upgrade your account. For assistance with upgrading and selecting the most suitable plan, please reach out to our team at [email protected].

Experience a New Era Ticketing System with our Gen AI Inbox

Transform ticketing systems with our Gen AI Inbox. Experience efficient handling, personalized responses, and enhanced agent effectiveness, powered by Gen AI for superior customer satisfaction.


Please note that all the Gen AI geatures of Inbox are exclusively available for premium customers. To unlock, you'll need to upgrade your account. For assistance with upgrading and selecting the most suitable plan, please reach out to our team at [email protected].

Analyze Interactions Efficiently with Conversation Summarizer

The Conversation Summarizer feature offers a condensed overview of customer-bot or agent interactions, facilitating analysis and trend spotting while saving valuable time for agents.

After each chat session, the bot automatically generates a comprehensive summary, spotlighting key discussion points and recommending potential enhancements, elevating the agent experience to the next level.

For more details, refer to our documentation.

Unlock Elevated Customer Engagement in Tickets with Gen AI's Tone Adjustment

The Empathetic Tone Change feature aids agents in maintaining professionalism while responding to customers, fostering a more empathetic and understanding tone.

Agents can effortlessly fine-tune their response tone to better resonate with customers, leveraging the Tone Change feature for enhanced communication.

Crafting Effective Responses Simplified with Reply Suggestion

The efficient Reply Suggestion provides summarized suggestions to assist agents in crafting effective responses. Agents receive concise recommendations for addressing complex customer queries, enhancing response efficiency and effectiveness.

Optimized Campaign Creation with AI-Powered Flow Campaigns

Elevate your marketing strategy with the AI-powered Flow Campaigns. By analyzing audience data and historical performance, our Gen AI streamlines campaign creation, generating personalized flows to optimize user experience and maximize marketing efforts.

Imagine you're a marketing manager launching a new product campaign. With our GenAI, audience demographics, past campaign performance, and user interactions are analyzed to generate tailored flows for different customer segments. These adaptable flows evolve based on user engagement, freeing up time and resources for marketers to refine their overall strategy and achieve superior outcomes