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Bot development environments (modes) provides various environments for managing your bots and making continuous improvements, including adding functions and adjusting flows and a separate enviornment to publish the bot live.

Finding your Bot ID

The bot ID is different in each environment. To obtain the bot ID, you can click on the web link from any page of the bot after creating it and copy the 14-digit alphanumeric value (e.g., x16763649**).


Switching bot environments

Depending on your bot subscription, you'll see different environments, click on the top right dropdown to switch.


Environments include Sandbox, Staging, Production, Live, and Development. You can opt the required enviornments for your bot.

Freemium environments


In this mode, you can build and update bots, design flows, and conduct testing. When your bot aligns with your requirements, you can initiate a Publish request and the bot admin/approver can approve it.


Published bots operate in the Live mode once the publish request is approved. No changes are possible in this mode.

Premium environments


You can create new bots, develop flows, and test functionality in Sandbox. To publish changes from Sandbox to Production, you'll have to first deploy from Sandbox to Staging and then deploy from Staging to Production.


Staging is very similar to Sandbox except you can make quick fixes here and publish them without disturbing the ongoing work in the Sandbox stage. This is a testing enviornment, it is recommended not to make any major changes or create/delete any components in this environment.


Production contains the published live bots and is similar to the Live mode.

Changes in bot after upgrading

After upgrading to premium:

  • Any changes you make in the Development environment will be reflected in both the Sandbox and Staging environments. You can tweak your bot in the Sandbox, and use the Staging for testing.
  • Everything set up in the Live environment will be available in the Production environment.

Transition of bot and data when you publish bot

Here's a compilation of studio components or other modules that require separate configuration in deployment environment (Sandbox to Staging, and Staging to Production; or Development to Live) when you publish a bot.

ModuleRequires separate configuration
StudioData within Database tables
Inbox- Custom Tags
- Groups creation and configuration
- Inbox settings
- Agent settings
User 360User data
User360 variables (Studio and User360 sync)
EngageCampaigns (Inbound/Outbound/Flow)
Inbound campaign configuration
Enabling Notificaion API
Postback URL
Analytics/InsightsCustom queries
Custom dashboards
Channels and IntegrationAll the Channels and integrations (except WhatsApp)
Chat widgetChat widget settings