Small talk

Small talk responds to casual conversations with the users. This option improves the bot-user experience by answering common questions outside the scope that the bot has generally been trained for.


User: What is your name?
Bot: You can call me Bella.
User: How are you?
Bot: I am great! Thanks for asking...

On Studio there are default questions that are trained to handle small talk. You can also add and train your own custom questions.

Follow the steps below to customize small talk:

Default Questions

  1. You can modify the responses for the trained questions by clicking Edit.

These questions cannot be deleted.

Custom Questions

  1. To add new custom questions, click +Add question.

  1. Add Question(label name), Utterances and Response. Click Save.

  1. Custom questions must be trained. Hence, open the Custom tab (by selecting the Custom label) and click Train intents.