Publish your bot

1. Modes#

For a hassle-free management of your bot and ongoing changes, supports Production and Live environments.

The Development Mode helps in making changes and testing, whereas the Live mode is where end users are interacting with the bot.


Use keyboard shortcuts to directly access different environments -

  • Development environment: m + d
  • Live environment: m + p
  • Sandbox environment: m + x

1.1 Development mode#

Keyboard shortcut: m+d

Use the Development mode for all the ongoing developments such as adding/updating flows or functions, and testing them.

  • If all changes are working as expected, you can create a request to Publish.
  • The bot admins will Publish the bot.

1.2 Live mode#

Keyboard shortcut: m+p

This is the equivalent of production environment where all the end users are interacting with the bot. This is a read only mode for the Studio module. You cannot make any changes in this mode.

With live mode, you can

  • see the analytics of live users in the Insights module
  • run campaigns using Engage
  • attend customer queries as an agent

2. Publish bot#

Bot admins or approvers (access) can publish the bot. However, only super admin (who has created) can publish for the first time.

To know how to add someone as an approver, see here.


Only super admins can add approvers.

  • To see the super admin of the bot, go to Access control.

Note that the the following changes are not transferred to the Live environment after publishing the bot.

  • Records stored in database.
  • Settings done in inbox module.
  • Analytics of the bot in Insights tab.
  • Campaigns scheduled in Engage module.
  • Templates applied in the Engage module
  • Bot id is different in development and live environment.

2.1 Request for approval#

To request for publishing the bot from an approver -

  1. Open the bot's Development mode.

  2. Navigate to Studio and click Publish changes.

  3. Verify the List of changes pushed, enter a Comment message.

  4. Click Publish. You will see the Publish approval awaited status until the bot is published.

2.2 Approve request & publish bot#

When someone raises a publish request, the super admin and approvers will receive an email with subject line Approval needed to publish Assistant : <YOUR_BOT_NAME>

Before approving

  • Make sure the bot is working as expected in the development environment. You can test all the functionalities before approving.
  • The bot is trained with correct intents.

To publish the bot follow these steps -


If you see the publish button is disabled and it says that bot is in read-only mode, make sure all the previous publish requests are approved and published.

When someone raises a publish request, the super admin and approvers will receive an email with subject line Approval needed to publish Assistant : <YOUR_BOT_NAME>

  1. Open the email and click on Check publish request. It will redirect you to the bot approval page.

  2. Click in the Profile drop-down > Take actions, and navigate to the Bot approval tab

  3. Click Approve.

  4. Verify all the items mentioned in the checklist and select each checkbox post completing.

  5. Click Approvre to confirm approval.

When the bot is published successfully, the admins and approvers of the bot receive an email with the subject line Assistant : <BOT_NAME> has been approved with the name of the user who published it.

2.3 Publish selected flows#

You can choose to publish only certain set of flows in your bot. To do so,

  1. Click Publish changes button on the top and select Publish selected flows.

  1. Choose the flows to be published, select the approvers and post a comment on what the publish does. Click Publish to publish the bot.

Published bots can be reverted as well. To do so,

  1. Click Revert on the top.

  1. Click Revert in the following dialog box.