Debug your bot flows

When automating conversations, there can be cases of errors in flows.

It could be because of -

  • A logical error in a flow
  • A syntax or datatype mismatch
  • Missing or null values in mandatory fields

If you are unable to identify the issue, please reach out to us at [email protected].

In this article we have mentioned some commonly observed errors and how to resolve them

1. Flow based errors#

If you observe that some nodes are not getting executed, try out the following.

  • Adding a Text node with a testing message to the flow BEFORE and AFTER the node is executed.

    Example: Printing the email input taken from the user right after the email node to test if it's working as intended.

  • Using our Debug feature to view at which step of the flow the bot stopped working.

  • Breaking down flows to smaller sections to execute just a specific part. You can make use of the Cloning feature to duplicate your flow and try executing a specific section of your flow.

    In the example, we broke a big flow into a couple of nodes.

2. Data type based errors#

Another frequent occurence when some variables are created in one data type (number), but passed as 'String'.

This can happen at a function/user input level and Database record insertion level.

2.1 Review the datatype of a variable#

  1. Open up the Variables section
  2. Review the data type and cross reference if it matches the input being passed

2.2 Review the datatype of a database column#

  1. Open up the table you're trying to review.
  2. Click on the dropdown Table Actions.
  3. Click Edit Table and you'll be able to review the data types of each column.

3. Code based errors#

We love our no-code/low-code solutions, but sometimes you need to run your own functions to come full circle with the end user's experience.

3.1 View code logs#

We have a code logs section on our platform as well. Go to the Code section and click on Logs.

For example, you want to debug a specific function in your flow to see the output you're getting.

  • You can set up the function such that it prints some text along with the data you'd like to check.
  • Click on the actual logs inside the Logs section.
  • Press ctrl/cmd + F to open Search box where you can check if the console is printing the log.

3.2 Set up a test function#

Once the function gets executed, we can review the logs to see if we're getting the output.


There is a difference between the logs of the bot and the logs of your browser.

4. Test APIs#

You can test APIs either in the API management page or within the flow.

To test it within a flow

  1. Go to the API node you wish to test.

  2. Click on Test and enter the mandatory fields.

  3. Click on Run and review your output.


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