Nodes can be seen as building blocks of a Journeys.

Building Journey using 'Nodes'#

A journey is usually built up using series of smaller nodes. Each Journey should have minimum of two nodes configured.

  • First node always is a Start Trigger. Start trigger - as we have discussed in previous section - a node that let's you configure what all can make this journey trigger - Intents, Entities, Events etc.
  • There are one way Messages, where as we learnt, bot doesn't need to wait for user input like message, files, images etc.
  • Then there are Interactive/conversational nodes - Prompts which wait for user input).
  • All these nodes can also be connected to Action Nodes to perform some background action like Database Insert, Search, or executing an API etc or some Logic like If-else.

In upcoming sections, we will explore various types of nodes - message, prompts, actions, and logic.