Publish your Bot

For simple & hassle-free management of bots across development environments, publish flow is needed. There are two modes in Conversational Studio - one for making all the changes (Development Mode) and one where all end users are interacting with the bot(Live Mode).

Development Mode#

  • This is meant for all the on going developments(new journeys/functions, etc) and testing them. Once all changes are working as expected, a request to Publish can be created. Publish request is approved by bot admins. Following video highlights how to create a publish request.

Live Mode#

  • This is the equivalent of production environment where all the end users are interacting with the bot. This is a READ ONLY mode for Studio Module, so, no changes can be made. However, analytics of live users can be seen in Growth Module; campaigns can be run via Engagement Module and Agent can utilise Inbox to attend to customer queries.