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AI Copilot's AI Copilot, powered by GPT-4, simplifies flow creation. Just input your requirements, and our bot generates flows automatically. Say goodbye to manual creation and template downloads. Automate flow generation, save time, and work conveniently. With AI Copilot, you have the power to craft any kind of flow, ensuring unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

How to use AI copilot?

  1. Go to Studio > + Create flow > Create with AI Copilot.

  1. In Flow name, enter a name for your flow.
  1. Choose a Category from Category, to create a new category for your flow click +Create category.
  2. In AI Copilot, describe the desired outcome of your flow. This will help the bot in designing the flow tailored to your needs. Click Generate Description to let the bot autonomously create a description for you.
  3. In Industry, choose the industry your business belongs to and click Generate.

Generating a flow typically takes around 3 to 4 minutes. The bot efficiently creates a basic outline of a flow, consisting of Prompt and Message nodes. You can then customize this flow to suit your specific use case.

For example, lets say that you have used AI Copilot to generate a lead generation flow. Once the bot has designed the initial flow, you have the flexibility to connect a Database node or API node. This allows you to store the lead information in an external database or CRM system.

Alternatively, you can also integrate an external CRM software with our platform and utilize it as a storage solution for your data. Click here to know more about our in-house integrations.

Use cases of AI copilot

IndustryUsecaseInput required from userAdditional actions to enhance the flow
AirlineBooking and managing flight reservationsName, email, phone number, origin city, destination city, dateAPI call to fetch flights, API call to book the selected flight
Checking flight status and schedule updatesName, email, phone, booking reference numberAPI call to get flight status, API call to add email to receive updates
Assisting with baggage tracking and lost luggage claimName, email, phone, baggage request numberAPI call to track status, API call to send lost luggage claim
Offering personalized travel recommendationsName, email, phone, destination & travel datesAPI call to provide recommendation
AutomotiveScheduling test drives and service appointmentsName, email, phone, car series, appointment type, date and timeAPI call to book the service
Assisting with financing and insurance optionsName, email, phone number, car model, loan option, insurance optionAPI call to send these details
Real EstateProviding information on property listingsName, email, phone, property type, budgetAPI call to fetch the required listings
Assisting with scheduling property viewings and appointmentsName, email, phone, property type, viewing dateAPI call to schedule the meeting
Offering personalized property recommendationsName, email, phone, property type, bedrooms, budgetAPI call to fetch properties
EducationProviding information on coursesName, email, phone, selected courseAPI call to gather more course information or DB store to store
Scheduling demo class for the selected courseName, email, phone, course, preferred date of demo, preferred timeAPI call to schedule / DB to store
Connecting with educators, advisors, and support staffName, email, phone, type of support requiredAPI call to raise request / DB to store

What's next?

The following are the set of options we have planned for the next phases of AI copilot.

  1. API and DB nodes added automatically, with pre-selected DB action and table.
  2. Choose industry, use cases, and prompt options. Usecases will be shown based on industry selection.
  3. Generate Intents and Utterances.
  4. Quick reply options for subflows.
  5. Notifications and auto page refresh after flow creation.