Manage Support Agents

How to add a support agent on the platform?#

  1. Go to Configure > Access Control > USERS and click on Add User.

  1. Enter email ID and from the Access control dropdown menu select Inbox (Agent) and click on Save.

  1. In the Access Control, under GROUPS tab click on Add Group button. In the popup, provide a unique Group Name and Group Code. From the user list, search for search agent name and click on the name. If user has not accepted an invite to join the platform, user won't be visible in the Users list. Once you click on the user name from the User list, it will be added to the Group user list. To remove a user from the Group user list, again click on the user name. It'll move user from Group user list to Users list.

  1. To make any changes in the group or add/remove user from the Group, just click on three dots under the GROUPS tab then click on Edit.

How to accept an invite to join the Yellow Messenger as a support agent?#

  1. If you don't have an account on Yellow Messenger Platform you will recieve an email from Yellow Messenger to Sign Up on the platform and accept an invite to join the platform as a support agent.

  1. If you already have an account on the Yellow Messenger platform, just go to Projects and check the notification icon. Click on right green button to accept the invite.