Edit & publish articles

When creating these knowledgebase articles, multiple updates and reviews must be done before you publish it. Here's how you can effectively manage, edit & publish articles in the knowledge base.


Only Admin, Inbox Admin & Inbox Supervisor can create, read, update and delete content in the knowledge base. Inbox Agents can only read articles

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to publish new articles to your knowledgebase?
  2. How to edit an existing article?
  3. How to unpublish an existing article?

1. Publish an article#

Follow the given steps to publish new articles to your knowledgebase:

  • Every newly created article is in "Draft" status by default. When an article is under draft status it will not be visible to the agents or your end-users.

  • You can save the article temporarily and keep on making changes until it is ready to go live.

  1. Once you are sure that the article can be published, click Publish in the top right corner.

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  1. Select the visibility & the language of the article's content to publish the article.

  2. Add relevant tags to the article.

    • Tags are effectively used to group & organize content across your knowledge base. It helps readers find what they are looking for. They also provide data about your page to search engines and website visitors.
  3. Visibility defines to which persona the article is visible:

    • Internal - Only visible to your team i.e agents & admins. Not visible to the end-users.
    • External - Visible to both your end-users and your team.

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  • Click Publish to publish the article with the before selected visibility.

2. Editing an article#

Follow the below steps to edit articles on the knowledgebase:

  1. Select the article that you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit to update the content of the article.

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  1. Properties like Article details and SEO settings in the right side section can be edited independently of the article content.

  2. Clicking on Edit in an already published article, will create a draft version with the same content. This version is independent of the published version that is still live & visible to the end users (If you don't want an article to be visible to the end users, you can either un-publish it or delete the article).

    • Now the same article has both draft and published versions of the article.

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  1. Continue making changes to the draft version and save the article whenever necessary.
  2. Once you are confident about taking the article live, click Publish draft button.

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  1. An article can at most have 1 published version & 1 draft version at a time.
  2. When you are opening an article that has both published & draft versions, by default draft version would be visible.
  3. If you want to delete the draft version but not the article, click the discard draft button inside the article.

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3. Un-publishing an article#

To remove the article from being visible to the users on the knowledgebase, follow the given steps:

  1. Select the article that you want to unpublish.
  2. Click on the three-dot icon and select Unpublish.

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  1. This article will now be removed from the customer-facing portal and saved as a draft version so that you can make revisions on top of it.
  2. If you want the article to be permanently removed from the KB, you should delete it.
  3. When an article has both a draft & published version, you cannot unpublish it directly. You would've either discard the current draft or publish it directly.

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  • 1. Publish an article
  • 2. Editing an article
  • 3. Un-publishing an article