Tags are labels that you assign to the conversations after the end or during the chat sessions. They can be configured on the tags setting page.

  • Tags can be configured for chats and email to organize conversations for quicker follow-ups.
  • They are used to categorize and organize all customer communication and to escalate it to the right team for further actions fast and effectively.
  • Tagging your chats helps you in searching or filtering your chat menu. With this you can analyze the chat traffic.
  • Admins can obtain an overview of chat conversation topics. For example, for viewing the 10 most popular tags in a week.
  • Agents can only see tags relevant to them. They can easily tag chats either automatically using Shortcuts, or manually by selecting tags from a predefined list.
  • Tags can be created only for a particular group. The issues belonging to that group will can be tagged under a lable.

To add a new tag, follow the given steps:

  1. Open Inbox > Settings.
  2. Search and select Tags.

  1. Select Chat/Email tab.
  2. Enter a tag lable (to enter multiple tags, use ','). Click +Add.

  1. You can delete any tag by clicking on the 3 dots next to the tag name and confirming the delete action.