Offline ticketing/chat handling

To manage tickets raised after working hours in the offline handling setting section.

If none of the agents are available to resolve tickets and you want to address the customer requests raised at that time offline chat can be enabled. You can manage the limit and status of the tickets after working hours to provide 24/7 support. Offline chats uphold the continuum of service that your customers expect. If you have customers around the globe, you can anticipate that they may need support outside of your normal operating hours. Offline handling ensured that the inquiries are acknowledged and customers receive a satisfactory answer until an agent has the opportunity to follow up. An offline chat is essentially a status update that informs the users that an agent is unavailable to chat. This feature replaces your widget anytime agents are unavailable.

Follow the steps below to enable offline chats:

  1. Open Inbox > Setting.
  2. Search and select Offline handling.

  1. You can Enable/Disable offline chats. Enable the toggle.

  1. By clicking the edit button you can configure offline chats for different groups. Click edit next to the required group name.

A group Default group already exists where you can set the default configurations to all the offline tickets.

  1. Select the type of field you want to create and decide the ticket behavior for agents. Click Submit.

    • Enable/Disable offline tickets
    • Max offline tickets allowed: Number of tickets allowed while all agents are offline.
    • Auto-assign tickets: If enabled the tickets will be auto-assigned when the agents come back online.
    • Priority of auto-assignment: The ticket type (Queued/open) that should be given priority when agents come back online.

  1. This can be configured for all the groups.