Email ticketing configuration

Email settings must be enabled to handle email support tickets in the Inbox module.


Prerequisite to email settings is available here.

Follow the below steps to configure email settings:

  1. Open Inbox > Settings.
  2. Search and select Email ticketing configuration.

  1. Select Enable email ticketing. When this is enabled, the support emails forwarded to the Inbox chats are converted into support tickets.

With this, all the emails will be forwarded to the Inbox rather than the actual mailbox and will automatically be created into tickets.

  1. Configure acknowledgment email: When an email is received and a support ticket is created in Inbox, an acknowledgment mail can be sent to the customer. This is a standard practice in the support ticketing industry.
    • Enter email Subject.
    • Select Priority.
    • Type the acknowledgement message in email content using <div> Content </div> tags.
    • Click Save.