Canned Responses

Canned responses are displayed on the chat screen when the agent presses # (hash key), configure these responses in this section .

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to add canned responses for chat and email?
  2. How to delete canned responses?

What are canned responses?

Canned Responses are pre-defined notifications for frequent replies, with which the support reps can reply to emails with ease. Other than a customized template for individual emails, the canned response can be sent to the frequently raised requests. It reduces the response time and also provides a personal touch to the request. The response can be made private or public according to your convenience. You can add, manage and share a canned response.

It allows you to:

  • Create and manage customizable templates for comments and issue descriptions.
  • Add automated actions to templates/chats.
  • Quickly insert favorite templates with just one click.

There are two sections of canned responses:

  1. Chat- Can text Text and Media as a response
  2. Email- Can have only Text as a response

Based on the requirement, these canned responses can be added or edited. The process to add/delete canned responses for chat and email are the same.

1. Add canned responses#

Follow the steps below to add a canned response:

  1. Open Inbox > Settings. Search and select Canned responses.

  1. On the canned response page, there are 2 tabs - Chat and Email. You can configure responses for both chat and email in the same manner. Select any of the tabs.

Email does not support Media canned response.

  1. Select +Create canned response.

  1. Select Text or Media from the dropdown menu.

    • Text Save a canned response as text by entering Canned response text along with required expressions like agent email, bot title, etc (can be copy pasted from the right panel).
      You can add a Tag. On the chats screen, when you type # and your tag, the response will be displayed. Example: #welcomemessage.

    • Media For media canned response, select media type as Image/ File and upload the image/file from your local system. (Image- JPEG, PNG format. File- Any format).

  2. Click Create.

  3. All the canned responses will be displayed on the page.

These saved responses will be available in the chats section

2. Edit/Delete canned response#

To edit/delete a canned response, click the 3 dots beside the Template name you wish to edit.

  1. Select Edit/Delete.
  2. Save the edited changes/ Confirm to delete.

  • 1. Add canned responses
  • 2. Edit/Delete canned response