Configure chat inactivity timeout

When the chat system is online, users or agents who click to chat are entered into a queue until an agent accepts the chat request. The conversation starts between the agent and the user once the request is accepted. After a set period of inactivity between the agent and the user the chat session will “timeout.”

This can be configured in Inactivity trigger settings. It is used to inactivate the ticket/message, if user doesn’t reply in the given amount of time.

Open inactivity trigger settings

  1. Open Inbox > Settings.
  2. Search and select Inactivity trigger.

Features of inactivity triggers

The following are some key features of the chat timeouts which can be customized for different channels:

  • Inactivity from customer
  • Inactivity from agent
  • Auto ticket closure
  • Do not close ticket
Inactivity from customerThis is a built-in setting to automatically timeout a customer if he is inactive for a while. You can check the box and set the duration in minutes).
Inactivity from AgentThis is a built-in mechanism to automatically timeout an agent if he is inactive for a while. You can check the box and set the duration in minutes).
Auto Ticket closureChecking this box will automatically close the ticket. The default setting will be used if the chat is disabled, deleted or if their is no information from both the sources.
Do not close TicketThis box can be set based on the tags present in the chat. A set of customised tags are available which you can choose from. You can choose not to close the ticket based on the presence or absence of a tag.

Add inactivity triggers for different channels

  • Click +Add channel.
  • You can add different channels like WhatsApp, Slack etc for which the above settings can be applied.

Delete the added channels

  • To delete any channel, click the delete icon next to the channel name.