How to get your own Google Translate API key

To enable Auto translate for Inbox, you need to generate and connect your Google Translate API key to your account.


  • Create a New project in your Google Cloud account.
  • Activate Google Translation API service
  • Generate your API Key
  • Restrict the API usage (optional)

Step-by-step guide:#

  1. Go to Google Cloud Platform console and Login in with your Google account. Get started

  2. Create a New Project from the top menu bar. Give it a name and select Create. You’ll reach your project dashboard. Project New Project

Project Dashboard

  1. Now click on the left hamburger button and go to APIs & Services. APIs & Services

  2. Press Enable APIS and SERVICES in the Dashboard. API Dashboard

  3. Now search for translate and click on the `Google Cloud Translation API1 result. Search

  4. Click Enable. This activates your Google Translation API service. Enable API Here after you’ve enabled API, you might be asked to enter the billing details if you haven’t done it already. You need a paid account to use Google’s Translation services. Enable Billing

  5. Now to generate your API key, select the create credentials button from the screen. If you can’t find the button, Go to the credentials option from your side menu bar. Create Credentials

  6. Now click on the Create credentials drop-down button and select the API key.

Create API key

  1. Your API key would be displayed in a pop-up window. You can copy and paste this into your Inbox account. Your API key

  2. You can also restrict your API key to prevent unauthorized or overuse of your account. There are two types of restriction - you can either restrict the API on where it is being used or you can restrict its usage quota. Restrict API key