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Overview dashboard to monitor voice bots


Voice overview is exclusive for voice bots. Discover more about voice bots by clicking here.

Insights features a dedicated dashboard specifically tailored for voice bots, known as Voice bot overview. This section focuses on telephony metrics essential for analyzing the performance of voice bots, as they are built on the IVR channel. Key metrics include call statuses, average call duration, and user traffic. In addition, Insights provides valuable engagement metrics for voice bots.

Under the Voice overview section, you can access current and historical data categorized into the following sections:

  1. User Traffic
  2. Call Status

1. Understand voice bot user traffic

The user traffic section provides valuable insights into the volume and characteristics of user interactions with your voice bot. Here, you can analyze various metrics related to user traffic, enabling you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your bot's performance and engagement. User traffic can be viewed for the following:

  1. Total calls: This metric represents the total number of calls received by your voice bot within a specified period. By tracking the total calls, you can assess the overall popularity and usage of your bot. For example, you may notice a significant increase in total calls during peak hours or specific marketing campaigns.

  2. Unique callers: Unique callers refer to the number of distinct individuals who have interacted with your voice bot during a given timeframe. This metric helps you gauge the reach and uniqueness of your bot's user base. For example, if you observe a high number of unique callers, it indicates a diverse and broad user audience.

  3. Total duration: The total duration metric represents the cumulative duration of all calls made to your voice bot. It provides insights into the overall time users spend interacting with your bot. Analyzing the total duration can help you assess user engagement and identify patterns, such as longer or shorter call durations based on the nature of the queries or the effectiveness of your voice bot's responses.

  4. Average call duration: This metric calculates the average duration of each call made to your voice bot. By understanding the average call duration, you can assess the efficiency of your bot's conversations and identify opportunities for improvement. For example, a consistently high average call duration might indicate that users are spending more time seeking assistance, suggesting a need for streamlining interactions or enhancing self-serve options.

2. Analyse voice bot call statuses

Call status metrics, such as answered, not answered, and failed calls, provide valuable insights into the outcome and performance of the calls received by your voice bot. These metrics can be analyzed in a day-wise or time-wise manner, allowing you to gain deeper insights into call patterns and performance trends. Additionally, you can filter the call status metrics based on specific phone numbers activated through the IVR channel.

On the call status widget, you can track the following:

  1. Answered calls: This metric represents the number of calls that were successfully answered by your voice bot.

  2. Not answered calls: Not answered calls refer to the number of calls that were not answered by the voice bot.

  3. Failed calls: Failed calls represent the number of calls that failed to connect or establish a successful connection with the voice bot. This could be due to technical issues, network problems, or other factors. Monitoring failed calls helps identify any infrastructure or connectivity issues that need to be addressed to ensure reliable and seamless call experiences for users.

3. Additional functions on voice bot dashboard

Export voice bot data as CSV reports

To obtain downloadable reports in CSV format for the available metrics:

  1. Click Export data.
  2. Select the desired files or metrics you want to export.
  3. Click Export to initiate the download.

View voice bot metrics for outbound/inbound calls

  • The data can be filtered based on the direction of the calls, allowing you to focus on either outbound or inbound call metrics specifically.

View voice bot metrics for a specific timeframe

  • You have the flexibility to view metrics for different timeframes.

  • This can be done by selecting the desired timeframe from the available drop-down options, such as the last 7 days or last 90 days.

  • If you prefer a custom range, click on Custom and specify the start and end dates for the desired timeframe.