User metrics

User metrics are used to learn about your bot users. The following metrics can be monitored:

  1. User traffic: Number of users visiting your bot, Number of messages sent to your bot, duration of the chat, etc.
  2. User retention: Number of new users vs. old users.
  3. Users by demographics: User classification based on the location the bot is being used from.

In this article, you will learn in detail about user metrics.

1. View and understand user metrics#

To view user metrics, follow the given steps:

  1. Open Insights > Metrics.
  2. Select User Metrics tab.

1.1 User traffic#

This widget covers all the primary metrics needed to understand user traffic to your bot in a given timeframe. Select any of the below headings to view the graphs for the selected time range.

  • Messages: This is the number of messages exchanged between the bot, user, and agent. These can be filtered for:
  • Unique users: This shows the unique number of users who conversed with the bot (can be filtered for bot users and notification users).
  • New users: This is the number of users who conversed with the bot for the first time.
  • Sessions: This shows the number of sessions created by users on the bot.
  • Average session per user: This is the number of sessions created per user on average.
  • Average session duration: This is the average time for which the user has conversed with the bot. A session can be of 24 hours. For any number of interactions the user has in a 24 hours window from the start of a session, it'll be considered as one single session only. A new session is started after 24 hours.

1.2 User retention#

This widget shows the distribution between new users and old users visiting the platform. Any user who comes to the bot for the first time is categorized as a new user, and from their second visit onwards they are considered as a returning user.

This is calculated for all the channels.


1.3 User retention trend#

This widget shows the kind of users visiting the bot within a given timeframe. If a user converses with the bot for the first time, he/she is counted as user-visited. If the user has visited the bot before and is a returning user, then it's categorized as a user-revisited session.

This is calculated for Yellow Web & Mobile.

1.4 User engagement trend#

This widget shows the funnel of users who are coming to the bot. The blue lines tell you about the number of times the bot was loaded, and the green and purple lines tell you about the number of people who started with an intent (flow) and at least completed one intent (flow) respectively.

This is calculated for Yellow Web.

1.5 Users By Demographics#

This widget shows user demographics for a bot based on the selected parameter.

Demography parameters#


Some of these metrics are captured for all the sources and some for limited sources like - UTM-based users are for Yellow Web & Mobile only.

The drop-down field allows you to select from the multiple parameters for viewing user demographics - country, region, device, platform, medium, campaign, and source.


Demography data#

Users who interact with the bot are coming from different locations, sources, and campaigns. The total count and percentage of users is shown for the specified date range based on the chosen parameter from the above dropdown.


Filter for a period

  • All the metrics can be filtered and viewed for a period of time by selecting the time from the drop-down (for example, last 7 days, last 90 days).
  • If you want to see the metrics for a custom range (for example 21st Sept to 23rd Sept), click Custom and select the range.

Export data

  • To download any of these metrics, click Export data.
  • Select the required metrics (to download all 9, click the link below) and click Export.

Filter channels

  • These metrics are measured for all the channels. If you want to obtain results for any of the specific channels (that are activated for your bot), select the required channel from the channel dropdown.