Understand user journey further on the Funnels section, you can view data captured across all journeys(/flows) that are accessed by users through various channels. To view funnels:

  1. Open Insights > User journeys. Select the Funnels tab.

In this article, you will learn how to use the funnels section to monitor:

  1. Top flows completed
  2. Step wise interactions
  3. Flows summary

1. Top Flows Completed#

This widget shows users' top 5 flows (intents) along with the Flow Completion Rate for the selected time period. You can monitor the graph for a specific flow by filtering it on the menu below.


2. Step wise interactions#

This widget is a stepwise funnel of selected flow. The number of people who moved from step 1 to step 2 to … step n and the number of people who dropped off in between these steps can be seen here.

#done - user completed the journey #switched - user switched to some other journey

  • This is mainly used to learn about the number of users dropping off at different levels of the journey, you can select the journey you want to view from the drop-down below.

3. Flows summary#

This table gives flow completion rates for all the flows, the number of times these flows were triggered, and the number of times they were completed. The last column shows how much a particular flow constitutes to the overall traffic.

  • Flow name: This is listed out for all flows, you can search for the required flow.
  • Flow started: Number of times a journey was started.
  • Flow completed: Number of times a journey was completed.
  • Flow completion rate (%): Flow completion rate/FCR of each journey.
  • Flow hits / total hits: Ratio of the Journey Hits to overall traffic (where the flow hits value is the number of times a journey was started).

Sort these values by clicking the column name.

3.1 Flow completion rate (FCR)#

The flow completion for the selected range of dates will be displayed here. This is the average flow completion rate obtained for all the flows. If the percentage of flow completion is low, you can click on the right Know why link to analyze your data.

Reasons for Low FCR are listed in this tab. Analyze this further by clicking the required links.


Filter for a period

  • All the metrics can be filtered and viewed for a period of time by selecting the time from the drop-down (for example, last 7 days, last 90 days).
  • If you want to see the metrics for a custom range (for example 21st Sept to 23rd Sept), click Custom and select the range.

Export data

  • To download any of these metrics, click Export data.
  • Select the required metrics (to download all, click the link below) and click Export.

Filter channels

  • These metrics are measured for all the channels. If you want to obtain results for any of the specific channels (that are activated for your bot), select the required channel from the channel dropdown.