This section gives you data captured across all journeys accessed by users through various channels

What Journeys do your Users visit#

The 'Explorer' tab gives you a detailed analysis on the top 5 journeys triggered for your users. The statistics that you get to see here are:

  • The count of journeys triggered for users
  • Goal Completion Rate(GCR), which is a measure of how many times a journey was successfully completed

How much was a Journey used?#

The below table gives a breakup of all the journeys available. The statistics that you get to see here are:

  • Journey Hits - Number of times a journey was started
  • Number of times a journey was completed
  • Number of times a journey was started
  • Goal Completion Rate(GCR) of each journey
  • Ratio of the Journey Hits to overall traffic

Number of users dropping off at different levels of the journey#

Step Summary tab gives a Step Wise summary for every journey

On clicking on any of the journey above, the user is taken to the steps summary of that particular journey. Step summary is nothing but a step wise funnel of the journey. The number of people who moved from step 1 to step 2 to … step n and the number of people who dropped off in between these steps can be seen here.

In the graph, #done - user completed the journey #switched - user switched to some other journey

Similarly, the category Summary tab gives ypu a summary of all available journey categories