Build Your First Bot

See the power of Conversational AI for yourself. You can read all about it in our Studio section or you can stay on this page and build a bot immediately. It is entirely your choice!


✔️ Before building a bot, you will have to set up your bot project. To do it, click here

Step 1: Start conversing#

Now that you have given an identity for your bot, you can start teaching it how to talk to people. Configure the 'Welcome Prompt' node to decide how your bot should start a conversation.

Step 2: A conversation can go 2 ways#

Either your bot understands what the user is saying or it does not. We have preconfigured the 2-way flow for you

Step 3: Create Journeys and add nodes#

Now you can create journeys to trigger the most appropriate conversation based on what the user says. In the journeys, you can tell your bot what to do at every node.

Step 4: Train your bot to understand conversations#

How can your bot understand what the user says? This can be achieved by training your bot with Imtents and Entities

Step 5: It is okay for your bot to not understand everything#

None of us like a non responsive bot if it does not understand what we say. Add fallback options, suggestions and even document searching capabilities to your bot to give a response at all times.

What Next?#

In case you are wondering what to do after building your bot, there is a lot more. Database management, providing/managing live agent support and effective customer engagement are some of the other offerings from us. You might also want to get familiar with all the industry specific chatbot terminologies. Keep scrolling to explore all the platform concepts in detail.


The Studio is the place to build those intelligent bots to power your business using conversational AI. To know more, click here.


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Document Cognition#

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Your bots can converse with your clients through dozens of popular channels. To know more, click here.

App Comfiguration#

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Omnichannel Notifications API#

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