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✔️ Before building a bot, you will have to set up your bot project. To do it, check out this guide or follow the video tutorial given below.

Step-by-Step guide on How to get started with

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Understanding your use-case#

Bots built on can be used for various usecases like:-

  • Lead Generation
  • Conneting a user with a live agent
  • Automating responses FAQs
  • Taking a user through the complete e-commerce experience
  • HR automation and many more!!

Having a well defined use-case can help throughout the entire bot building journey. For this we recommend establishing a flow that matches your primary use-case.

For the rest of this guide, we'll be using this flowchart as a reference point.

How to create a bot#

Now that you're signed into our platform, you can click on Create New Project If you're at the overview page, you already have a project created. You can simply click on Overview, on the top left and click on Studio. You can see various modules within our platform. A brief on each module:-


The Studio is the place to build those intelligent bots to power your business using conversational AI. To know more, click here.


Bring a human touch with the help of the Inbox module for your agents to take up conversations beyond the automation. More on that here.


Watch how the conversations unfold and which journeys you're taking your users through the most using our Insights module. Check out our docs on it here.


Make use of our world class automation to run marketing campaigns across 20+


The bots you build can be plugged across various applications. A list on all the channels available can be found here.


The Studio is the place to build those intelligent bots to power your business using conversational AI. To know more, click here.

Building the bot#

Step 1: Configuring the welcome message#

As we build out the flow, it's important to keep the conversational design aspect in our mind right from the opening message. This can be configured by

  • Clicking on the Welcome button
  • Changing the text/ Adding buttons / Triggering a flow

Step 2: Setting up a flow/journey#

We use Flows and Journeys interchangeably throughout our documentation and it stands for the actual customer journey/path we'd like our end users to go through. A more elaborate explaination can be found here.

To create a flow, you can click on the dropdown FLOWS in the middle of the screen and click on CREATE A FLOW.

Step 3: What are nodes#

Now that a flow has been created, you have this open canvas to add nodes (the little box called start is a node). You can add nodes in two ways:-

  • Click on the black dot in the center of a node

  • Click on any 4 of the icons on the left which represent each category of nodes

You can find more information on the nodes here.

For our use-case, I've built out a flow using the Quick-Repy, Email, DB and Text nodes.

Step 4: How to create and store values in Variables#

Let's say you want to ask the user a question during this flow and save their response, you can make use of Variables. We have different types of variables some of which are pre-made for every bot and custom variables that can be created by you. All the information you need on variables can be found here.

Here, I've created a custom variable to store the user's query

Step 5: How do I handle the user responses#

Often times, instead of going with the flow that we want to take the user through, the user could type in queries that don't really resonate with the rest of the flow. In such cases, we have a robust Natural Language Understanding(NLU) engine which can be used to train the bot with commonly asked phrases based on which flows can be triggered.

Our documentation does a deep dive on how to setup intents, utterances and entities along with best practices. You can find them here.

In the example below, I'm setting up an intent to identify when a user wants to place an order and initialising a flow for that intent.

Note: You must always have a minimum of 2 trained intents

Step 6: Different ways to trigger a flow#

It is considered good practice to build smaller flows and direct users from one flow to another.

This can be done by using the Trigger Journey node. Here, we've triggered the PlaceOrder flow.

Another way to trigger a flow is based on the intent

Step 7: Storing records in a Database#

Let's start by creating tables in your database. You can find documentation on it here.

You can make use of our Database Node to perform all the operations you intend to carry out like Insert, Update, Search and Count.

For all the leads we're collecting below I'm going to store that information in our database


For certain use-cases, there will be dependencies outside of our platform which we enable with the help of out-of-the-box integrations.

In our case, we'll be using a Google Sheets integration to push all the data into a Google Sheet using the out of the box support.

You can search for the integration you are looking for over at


For most use-cases and integrations, we provide templates of user-journeys that can be built.

Check out the marketplace by clicking on the this icon on the top-right

Live Customer Support agents#

By using the Chat with Agent template you can direct your users straight to your agents. More on agents and our Inbox module here.

Let's use the chat with an agent template for our use-case. This pre-populates all the necessary intents and flows needed for you to plug and play with.

Using Channels like Emails and SMS#

Our bots can be setup across 20+ channels to give you the exact same experience of a web based chatbot — whether it's Whatsapp, SMS, Instagram, Slack and many more!!

A detailed description on how to configure your channel can be found here.

Whatsapp as a Channel#

We have an elaborate guide on the best practices to be followed while setting up the Whatsapp channel. Link to the guide is here.

What's next?#

Jump into Studio and automate your conversations like never before.

Happy Bot building!!#