Template overview

A template is a message format that helps businesses to communicate with their customers. You can reuse common templates that you send to your customers. You can create templates for all the changes that Yellow.ai supports and the procedure for creating changes depending on the channel type.

1. Access Template manager#

To access Template manager, follow these steps -

  1. Log on to the yellow.ai platform and select your bot

  2. Click on Engage for campaigns. [OR] From the menu, click Engage.

  1. Inside Engage module, select ‘Templates’ from left panel.

Template NameName of the templates with the respective channel logos.
StatusCurrent approval status of the template (Channel specific) - Approved, Rejected, or Pending.
You can only use approved templates in your campaigns.
LanguageLanguage of the message template
Created onDate on which the template is created.
Created byUnique ID of the admin who created the template. For WhatsApp templates, if the template is created from FB business manager, you can see it here.

2. Search & filter templates#

Use the search box to fetch templates by its name. You can further filter templates by channels to easily find the template that you needed.

To see templates of a specific channel -

  • Click on All templates and choose your preferred channel.

3. Sync templates#

You can get the latest instance of the templates created in the channel’s native manager and the latest template approval status.

Click Sync Templates to get the updated templates whenever there is a change in the status or addition of templates from the channel's native manager side.

4. Duplicate an existing template#

Templates also help in duplicating existing templates where you want to make slight changes in a template and use it instead of creating from scratch.

Sample Use case:

A brand x wants to use the same content of a whatsapp template "image_cta" but with minor content changes and added button.

  1. Click on kebab menu icon against any template.
  2. Select Duplicate. It opens the current template.
  3. Edit the content wherever required, and save it as new template.

You cannot use the existing template name. Specify a unique name, preferably meaningful can be searched easily.

In the example screenshot, a template is duplicated with the following changes

  • A new CTA button is added with
  • Minor text changes are made
  • Saved with a new name image_cta_with_phone

5. Delete rejected template(s)#

You can delete only rejected templates.

To delete a rejected template -

On the Templates home page, navigate to the template that you want to delete. Click the More options icon > Delete.


You cannot edit or delete an approved template.

To remove all the rejected templates at once -

  1. On the Templates home page, click on the Clean up option.

    You will see all the rejected templates. These are selected by default.

  2. If you do not want to delete a specific template, uncheck it to deselect.

  3. Click Delete.

6. FAQs#

  1. What are the channels that Yellow.ai supports?

    Currently, we support WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Viber business. However, we also add Facebook messenger soon.

  1. What does the approval status Pending mean for whatsapp channels?

    WhatsApp reviews and approves each WhatsApp template. Pending means that the template is pending for approval. WhatsApp is committed to responding to template submissions within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

  1. How do I delete templates?

    Currently we do not support deleting the templates from template manager considering the stability of recurring campaigns. However, you can delete rejected templates (applicable for WhatsApp).

    You can raise a ticket to [email protected] if you want to delete any templates.

  1. Can I change the language of templates?

    Once approved, you cannot change the language of a template. You need to create new templates with your preferred language.