How to create and launch outbound WhatsApp notification campaigns?

What is a WhatsApp notification campaign?#

WhatsApp is known for its stellar nessage notification open rates. Brands can plan their customer outrech and communication around WhatsApp.

Let's get started#

First things first, before starting to run WhatsApp campaigns on our platfrom, you'll have to get your WhatsApp account approved from Facebook. And, connect the account with the Yellow AI's platfrom.

Once you successfully complete the process, we can start with WhatsApp campaigns.

Step 1:

Navigate to your project and go to 'Engage' module.

Step 2:

You'll find all the campaigns of all the channels you've drafted or sent will be listed here.

Let's start creating a New campaign

Step 3:

Give a suitable Campaign name that resonates well with the purpose of the campaign.

Select Outbound Campaigns and go to next step.

Step 4:

Pick the WhatsApp channel and go to next step. If you want to take a break, Save as draft and resume later. You can find the draft under All Campaigns.

Step 5:

Welcome to templates.

WhatsApp ensures each notification message template that you send to your customers are of top quality, transactional, updates and not promotional.

To ensure the same, you have to craft your template and get it approved from WhatsApp.

Now, let's start creating a new template.

Step 6:

You'll end up in this screen.

Fill the message details. You can find the preview WhatsApp-like screen on the right side.

Templates are supported for various update usecases in multiple langugaes.

Add relevant messaging that clearly communicates the intent of the campaign.

You can use a mix of different visual elements from text, images, header/footers, buttons, redirections for rich user experience.

Once done, take a final look at the preview and click on Save & use template.

Step 7:

Great! You have requested for the WhatsApp template approval successfully. Now, go get some water and come back later to check the status of your template request.

You can check the list of templates and their statuses (approved, pending, rejected) under My templates.

Once your template is approved, select that and go to next step.

Step 8:

It's time for us to pick the audience segment we want to target our campaign to.

You can choose from the list of audience segments that you already created.

If you have none, Create New Segement and proceed.

Step 9:

Wow! You've reached the imporant step.

You can schedule WhatsApp campaigns in multiple ways - run now or at a later date, run once or recurring daily, weekly, or monthly based on your campaign's purpose.

For our example, since we've taken monthly payment reminders, you can find in the image below that the campaign is scheduled monthly at a fixed date and time.

Finally schedule the campaign and take a breathe!

Hurray! You've successfully scheduled your outbound WhatsApp notification campaign. Great Job!

Step 10:

Sit back and relax for now!

Once the campaign is completed, you can request for the reports and get them to your email box.

Understand the performace and optimise the next time. After all, we marketers learn and improve after each campaign, don't we? :)