Testing your Inbound Campaigns

In this guide#

This guide shows you how to make use of “yellow.ai Web Widget Launcher” Chrome extension to test your chatbot and web widgets on any website. The widget(s) deployed will be for your Chrome browser only. This way, you'll be able to try out the widgets and Inbound Campaigns before deploying permanent changes to your website.

Steps to test your Inbound Campaigns#

  1. Install the Chrome extension using this link

  2. Copy the chat widget script⬇️


  1. Open the extension in your Chrome browser⬇️


  1. In the 1st input field, enter the entire website URL or a part of it. The chat widget, overlay widgets and inbound campaigns will start running on all Website URLs that include the value that you enter in this field⬇️


  1. In the 2nd input field, paste the chat widget script you copied in step 2. Now click on “Launch Widget”⬇️


  1. Open any Website URL that contains the value you entered in the 1st input field, and your chatbot will be deployed⬇️