Inbound campaign report

Once you run a campaign, it is very important to understand how the campaign is performing. If it's working really well, you can use it widely. If something is not performing, you can come up with some better ways make the campaign generate ROI.

To see the performance of a campaign, go to Engage > Inbound and click on the campaign for which you want to see report.

The following are the different KPIs that you can see for an Inbound campaign -

Widget impressionsNo. of times the Widget is loaded. This is not applicable for the Chat Auto Popup widget.
Widget conversionsThe percentage ratio of the number of times the button was clicked to the total number of users. This is not applicable for the Chat Auto Popup Widget*.
Chat impressionsThe number of times the Chat widget is loaded.
Chat ConversionsPercentage of number of times the user responds on the Chat Widget by sending a message.