User segmentation

1. Create segment#

To create a segment, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Engage > User 360.

  2. Click Add Segment.

  3. In Segment name, enter a unique name for the segment.

  4. In Conditions, define the condition basis which you want to create the group. A condition consists of the following pattern. {property} {operator} {value}

propertyThe attribute by which you want to create the segment. You can choose from a list of user properties such as first name, last name, city, language, and so on.
operatorThe condition operator that you want to use - is known, is not known, is, isn't, contains, does not contain.
valueValue of the expression. Use + to add multiple values. For example, create users whose city is either Bangalore or Mummbai.
  1. To add more conditions, click Add condition.

To create more sophisticated segments you can combine ‘and’ with ‘or’ conditions. This makes segments more powerful and flexible.

Once you create a segment, you can view users in the segment, modify segment condition, download users of the segment, or delete it as explained in the following sections.

2. View segment users#

To view users of a segment, on the User 360 page, click on the segment.

You will see the list of users on the right.

3. Edit segment#

To modify a segment's name or condition:

  1. Click on Actions > Edit segment.

  2. Edit the required details and Save it.


When the conditions of the segment are edited, the users that show up in the segment might change based on the new condition.

4. Download segment users#

To download users of a segment:

  1. Click Actions > Download segment user data.

  2. You will get an email with the download link. Click on the link. The file downloads as a CSV file.

The file contains complete details of each user that is available in the database.

Alternatively, you can also download the user details using User logs > Download log.

5. Archive segment#

Archiving a segment will not delete the user data associated with that segment. It makes that particular segment unusable for new campaigns. Old campaigns will continue running as it is.

  • To archive a segment, select the segment from the left panel, and click on Actions > Archive segment.

  • To view all archived segments, click on the Archived tab in the left panel.

  • To unarchive a segment, select any archived segment and click on Unarchive segment.