Create Targeted Segments Using And/Or Conditions

Combining “and” with “or” conditions allows you to create more sophisticated groups users. It also allows you to be more flexible with your segments.

Creating multiple conditions using and/or#

A segment can be made up of multiple condition sets, which in turn can be made up of multiple conditions.

A single condition looks something like this, and in most cases is made up of a user property, an operator on that property and a value field associated with that operator.


Some operators might not have an associated value field.

Depending on the data type of the user property and the type of operator, for some conditions you will be able to add multiple values by clicking on + next to the value field. These values will be separated by OR

Another condition can be added within a condition set by clicking + Add condition. Conditions within a condition set are separated by AND

A new condition set can be added by clicking on + Add condition set. Conditions sets are separated by OR


For a user to be a part of a segment, they must meet ALL conditions in ANY condition set

Examples of some highly targeted segments#

The segments you create should be specific to your use case. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Customers nearing subscription expiry: These are customers whose subscription expiry date is nearing. You can send out reminders to this group to renew their subscription. Your filters for this segment might be something like: Subscription End Date will be exactly 6 days later.

  • Employees in a certain department: You might want to send out communication related to training activity to junior employees from a certain department. Your filters here might be: Department is "Product" or "Engineering" AND Title **includes** "Junior" or "Associate"

  • Visitors who have opted in to receiving updates on email: You might want to create a group of users who you might to regularly share content with, over email. Your filters here might be: Email Subscription is true

  • Potential leads: You could create a segment of users who have visited your pricing page more than twice. Then you can give them a little nudge and incentivise them with an offer or set up a demo with your sales team. Your filters here might be: Pricing Page visited more than twice