Migrate user data from from old module to User 360

The new module User 360 has been introduced recently. It is enabled for all bots created after June 1, 2022.

The old Users Module is being replaced with the new User 360.

This document guides you how to migrate data from the older Users module to User 360.

  • Old bots that has 0 records in their users module, will automatically see the new User 360 module and will require no data migration.

  • Old bots that have records in the Users module, will see a Data Migration window.


Data migration window will be open until 10 Oct, 2022. You will lose the old data post that.

Migrate data from the old version#


You can ignore these steps if you do not wish to migrate the old data.

Bots that have records in the old Users Module will see a data migration window.


Data migration is a one time activity. Double check your property mappings.

  1. Before migrating, take a backup of your data using Download data.

  2. Once the data is downloaded, click Migrate data. You will see the Data migration screen.

  3. Map Old user properties to the New user properties.

    Under New user property, you will see userId and pre-defined System properties.

The following mappings are not recommended as it might throw data incompatibility errors, and prevent from successful migration of data.

Data typeNot recommended for
New property
DateEmail, Number, Phone, Url
IntegerEmail, Url, Date, DateTime
ListEmail, Number, Phone, Url, Date, DateTime
EmailNumber, Phone, Url, Date, DateTime

At least one property mapping is required move to the next step.

Once done, click on verify. On this screen you can review the old and new property mapping.

  • After mappings, click on Migrate. You will be redirected to User 360.

View migration status activity#

To view the status of your migration activity, click User logs. Here you can refer to the activity Migrate Data.

  • If the status is In Progress, the migration is still going on.
  • The status will change to Completed once the migration is done.

  • To analyse the migration activity, click Download log. The log will be downloaded as CSV which will include the following:

  • Summary

    • Number of Records that were migrated as new users.
    • Number of Records for which migration failed (included below).
    • Number of Records that were merged into existing users.
  • Records for which migration failed -

    • BOT_ID: Bot ID for which the CSV was uploaded.
    • REQUEST_PAYLOAD: The user record for which an import was attempted but FAILED.
    • ERROR_PAYLOAD: The error details due to which above user import FAILED:
      • invalidDataType: Properties for which the wrong data type was passed.
      • invalidProperty: Properties that do not exist in the user table.
    • LINE_NUMBER: The row number of the user record for which import FAILED.