How to create Drip campaigns, birthday greetings and other date based campaigns?

You might often want to reach out to users on a particular date, or after they have completed a certain number of days from that particular date. Below we will show you how you can create date based segment to achieve such use cases.

Drip Campaign#


  • Reaching out to employees who have completed 7 days since date of joining
  • Reaching out to users who signed up 7 days back

Such segments target users who fall with-in a certain range from a particular date

This sort of a segment can be created using properties that are of Date or DateTime data type. The operator that can be selected are:

  • is was exactly
  • will be exactly
  • in the last
  • in the next

Birthday Greetings#


  • Sending out Birthday Greetings!

This segment can be set up only for Date type properties. If the campaign runs on 10th June 2022:

  • Current Day → Picks the day of when the segment is calculated, ie, 10th
  • Current Month → Picks the month of when the segment is calculated, ie, June
  • Any Year → Ignores the Year

Therefore, all users with Date = 10th June, regardless of year, will be targeted.