How to setup a WhatsApp chatbot on Yellow Messenger?


This help doc will guide you through creating a WhatsApp account and setting up your own WhatsApp chatbot. Roll up your sleeves!

Three steps in setting up a WhatsApp chatbot:#

  1. Create a WhatsApp Business Account on the Yellow Messenger platform
  2. Open a Facebook Business Manager (FBM) account
  3. Verfiy your business with Facebook

Step: 1 - Create a WhatsApp Business Account#

  1. Sign-up with Yellow Messenger's platfrom. If you signed-up already, just sign-in.

  1. Navigate to your chatbot under Projects > Select your chatbot.

If you haven't created your chatbot yet, create one right away. Happy creating!

  1. To start with WhatsApp account creation, Go to Channels > Communication > Select WhatsApp.

  1. Tap on 'Connect your WhatsApp'.

  1. Now, login to your Facebook account that is linked with your FB Business Manager account.

If you don't have an FB Business manager account, create one now.

  1. Furnish your business details as mentioned in any legal business document that you have.

The Business name, Phone number, Business e-mail ID and Business website should be appropriate.

  1. Continue adding relevant business details as asked.

  1. Take a breather while the WhatsApp business account is being created.

  1. Carefully think and give the 'WhatsApp Business Display Name'. The name you give exactly will show up on your WhatsApp chatbot.

To give an appropriate name, read through the naming guidelines.

If the display name you give is different from the legal business name, tick the checkbox as highlighted in the image above.

  1. Stay with me. We are progressing. Select the industry that you are functioning. You can also give a description about your business. We recommend you fill this.

Example description: "XYZ is an organic food brand that offers fresh and exotic farm-grown fruits.

  1. Awesome! Let's now choose the contact number that will be the WhatsApp chatbot's contact. You can either choose the business number you given to be the WhatsApp number or add a new number.

Note: The number you give should not be connected to any WhatsApp account. If connected, ensure you disconnect the number from WhatsApp account.

Complete the verification over text or voice call.

  1. Wuhoo! Congrats. You have successfully requested for WhatsApp Business Account. You can come back after 24 hours to check the status of apporval.

Once approved, you can scan the QR and test the WhastaApp chatbot.

Step: 2 - Open a Facebook Business Manager (FBM) account#

  1. If you already created the account, just login. If not, follows the steps to create an FBM account.

  2. Go to Facebook Business Manager and click Create Account.

  3. Furnish your business name, your name and your business email ID.

  4. Carefully give the business details asked correctly. This will help in creating the FBM account.

  5. Hurray! You have now created the FBM.

Step: 3 - Verfiy your business account with Facebook#

  1. Now, let's get to verification. In the FBM, go to More Tools > Business Settings > Select your Business.

  2. Click on Security Centre.

  1. Let's start with the verification.

  1. Furnish the legal business details.

  1. Look for your business in the the list. This is listed based on the business name you given. If your business is listed, select your business and go to step 6. If not visible, click None of these and directly jump to step 7.

  1. Confirm the business details - business name, address, phone number. After this jump to step 8.

  1. Upload relevant legal business documents for the Facebook team to review. Check accepted legal documents here.

  1. Final step: choose to get the verification code via Email or phone and enter the code.

Submit the verification recieved.

For some reason, if you wish to cancel the verification request, go to Security Center > Cancel.

Let's experience WhatsApp#

Great! Once the account is successfully approved, we can start configuring the chatbot with any journey you want. For example, let's try adding few FAQs and see how it gets refelcted in the WhatsApp chatbot.

  1. Go to Studio -> FAQs.

  2. FAQs can have multiple categories such as Delivery policy, Refund policy, Product quality. To create a new category, Click on '+' with the FAQs screen.

  1. Create a new category.

Similarly, you can add as many relevant categories as required.

  1. Now, pick a 'Category' to add questions within.

  1. After choosing a category, you can Add New Questions.

Similarly, you can add as many relevant questions you want under each FAQ category.

  1. You can see the the Q & A that you added as below.

  1. As a particular question can be asked in multiple ways, you can add the possible 'Variants' of the same question.

We recommend to add relevant variants for each question.

  1. Great, now before testing your WhatsApp chatbot, you should Train the chatbot. You will find the button on the FAQs screen itself.

  2. Wuhoo! Excited to test your WhatsApp chatbot? Start asking any of the added questions.

Note: Your WhatsApp chatbot will function on the number that you got approved previously by Facebook.

Awesome! Congratulations on successfully connecting and testing your WhatsApp chatbot. You can now explore other options such as adding different options (such as products showcase, order status) and test them the same way!