Facebook Messenger


This help doc will guide you through setting up your own Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Let's get started!#

  1. Sign-up with Yellow.ai's platfrom. If you signed-up already, just sign-in.

  1. Navigate to your chatbot under Projects > Select your chatbot.

If you haven't created your chatbot yet, create one right away. Happy creating!

  1. To start with WhatsApp account creation, Go to Channels > Communication > Select Facebook Messenger.

  1. Connect to Facebook.

  1. Login to your Facebook account that is connected with your Facebook Business Page.

  1. After successfully logging in, continue as your page.

  1. Select your business page. If you have more than one business page connected to this FB account, select the one for which you want to setup a chatbot.

  1. Give the necessary permissions.

  1. You can notice your business page name here. Click on Connect.

Hurray! You've now successfully connected your FB Messenger with our platform.

Let's experience Facebook Messenger chatbot#

Great! Once the account is successfully approved, we can start configuring the chatbot with any flow you want. For example, let's try adding few FAQs and see how it gets refelcted in the FBM chatbot.

  1. Go to Studio -> FAQs.

  2. FAQs can have multiple categories such as Delivery policy, Refund policy, Product quality. To create a new category, Click on '+' with the FAQs screen.

  1. Create a new category.

Similarly, you can add as many relevant categories as required.

  1. Now, pick a 'Category' to add questions within.

  1. After choosing a category, you can Add New Questions.

Similarly, you can add as many relevant questions you want under each FAQ category.

  1. You can see the the Q & A that you added as below.

  1. As a particular question can be asked in multiple ways, you can add the possible 'Variants' of the same question.

We recommend to add relevant variants for each question.

  1. Great, now before testing your FBM chatbot, you should Train the chatbot. You will find the button on the FAQs screen itself.

  2. Wuhoo! Excited to test your FBM chatbot? Start asking any of the added questions in your brand page's messenger channel.


Get Started in Facebook messengeer only works when get_started is added as the start trigger.

Awesome! Congratulations on successfully connecting and testing your FBM chatbot. You can now explore other options such as adding different options (such as products showcase, order status) and test them the same way!