Genesys PureCloud Live Chat


Inside your project, navigate to the Integrations tab and on the left side bar select Live Chat. You will find Genesys Cloud Live Chat.


The details for above fields has to be taken from your genesys cloud account. Steps to get those details are provided below.

Go to the admin tab in your genesys account.

Create a role#

  1. Please create a custom role, from admin tab → peoples & permissions → roles/permissions → Add a new role → permissions, add messaging.integration.all, conversation.message.all.

  2. Assign this new role to yourself in people under peoples & permissions.

Create Oauth Client#

  1. And then under integrations, you will find Oauth → Add a new client and provide app name and description and select client credentials. (link for ref).
  2. In Roles while creating Oauth client, assign the above created custom role and save it. A clientId and clientSecret is created to save them.

Create an integration#

  1. You need to add our webhook in an integration. You can get a webhook from the integration tab of genesys Cloud. Steps are detailed here

Add Message Route#

  1. Again you need to add an message route for the newly created integration, steps are provided here

And finally we need the hostUrl of your account, clientId, clientSecret which you got from the Oauth client and IntegrationId of the integration you created earlier.


In this integration you can use raise ticket node to create a conversation with genesys Cloud agent and once conversation initiates the user can talk to the genesys agent.



Following are the events which are currently accommodated in the Integration:

genesys_cloud_agent_replyThis event reaches to bot when genesys agent sends a reply to the user.


  1. Only text and images are being supported from both the user and agent side.
  2. Right now we only have an option to initiate chat, we don't get agent accepted and closed events and also the agent details who is doing the conversation with the user.


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