Exposing cloud Integration to app.ym


Now App’s developer can use the below function method to execute cloud integration action node.

Execute action node:-#

The executeIntegrationAction function enables you to execute the action node of cloud’s Integration.

Sample code:-#

"integrationName": "payu-payment-gateway",
"action": "Generate Payment Link",
"dynamicParams": {
"amount": "1",
"productInfo": "testProduct",
"customerFirstName": "Test Customer",
"customerEmail": "[email protected]",
"customerMobileNumber": "9999999999",
"txnid": "123456789"
console.log("response from action node", res);
app.log(res, '||Response from action node||')
console.log("Error in action node",err);
app.log(err, '||Error in action node||')
Params’ NameRequiredDescriptionExample
integrationNameMandatoryTo get this value, Go to cloud.yellow.ai-> Integration -> search for require integration ->connect it using your creds-> Go to flow -> add flow for integration ->Click on integration action node -> Copy the integration name from the card-> replace first caps letter to small.payu-payment-gateway
actionMandatoryGo to flow -> click on integration card -> copy the action name from drop downGenerate Payment Link
dynamicParamsMandatorySelect the action from integration card -> copy the field name as key(replace first caps letter in small) and value you can take from the user. {"amount":"1","productInfo":"testProduct","customerFirstName":”Test Customer","customerEmail":"[email protected]","customerMobileNumber":"9999999999","txnid": "123456789"}

Success Response:-#

"Transaction Id": "abaac3332",
"Email Id": "[email protected]",
"Phone": "9988776655",
"Status": "Success",
"URL": "https://test.payu.in/processInvoice?invoiceId=9eec02ac9e2efc335bdda2d7486121ce03de24c2fa7d32d17462ad5a6a9058db"

Failure Response:-#

“success”: false,
“error”: “Error processing Generate Payment Link”,
“success”: false,
“error”: “Error In executing action node”,
“message”:”Invalid amount”


  1. Go to Growth then click on Data Explore, It will open cloud.yellow.ai site. alt_text

  2. Go to Integration section in cloud.yellow.ai then search for your integration and connect by using your credentials. alt_text